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Funny Cartoons About Corporations/Ethics

This cartoon page is set up to collect a bunch of funny cartoons about corporations -- comic strips with corporate behavior and ethics as a theme -- from using their embed feature.

All Hail the C-E-Oligarchy

A funny corporate cartoon/comic strip from Frank & Ernest, by Thaves; Embed source:

Frank and Ernest

Cronies Wanted

A funny corporate ethics cartoon/comic strip from Working It Out, by Charlos Gary; Embed source:

Working It Out

Thank You, Mr. Speaker

A funny big business/corporations cartoon/comic strip from Clay Bennett Editorial Cartoons, by Clay Bennett; Embed source:

Clay Bennett

Run It Up the Jag Pole

A funny corporate ethics cartoon/comic strip from Speed Bump, by Dave Coverly; Embed source:

Speed Bump
Management Cartoon link; thumb of man that looks like a dog MANAGEMENT INNOVATIONS AT TOP DOG FOOD COMPANIES
Management Innovation Cartoon
Mob Joke/Cartoon link; thumb of mob boss SIGNS YOU'RE WORKING FOR A MOB-CONTROLLED COMPANY
Mob Joke/Cartoon
Corporate Cartoon link; thumb of blindfolded man HOW CORPORATE LEADERS MAKE TOUGH DECISIONS
Corporate Cartoon
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The Three Branches of Corp-Gov

A funny cartoon/comic strip about corporations and Congress from Chan Lowe, by Chan Lowe; Embed source:

Chan Lowe

What a Boss Idea!

A funny 2010 cartoon/comic strip from Bottom Liners, by Eric and Bill Teitelbaum; Embed source:

Bottom Liners
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Rating: 3 of 5 - Good, worth a listen Agroinnovations Podcast

The Farmers Union and the Future of Food — Tom Giessel, honorary historian of the National Farmers Union, talks about the history of the Farmers Union, which was started in the early 20th century by cotton farmers in Texas. Giessel discusses the importance of community organizing and collaboration; the impact of technology on the Farmers Union; and visionary leaders throughout the Union's history. ~~ In Part II, Giessel explains the advantages of small operations unifying under a cooperative structure. He advises listeners to beware of threats to uniform cooperative law, and the further danger of wholesale privatization of cooperative assets. The discussion concludes with a look at the role of commodity groups in the political landscape and the dwindling role of cooperative extension in the face of persistent budget cuts.
Go to page A  |  Download/listen A   38:15
Go to page B  |  Download/listen B   36:59

GP comment:  An important topic, though not the most scintillating of presentations.

Original Show Pub Date: 18.Nov.2014 ~~ Original story titles: History of the Farmer’s Union, The Future of Food and Farming


Rating: 3 of 5 - Good, worth a listen CounterSpin

30 Years Since Bhopal, Justice May Finally Be Getting Started — It was 30 years ago that a gas leak at the Union Carbide pesticide plant in Bhopal, India, killed thousands of people and injured tens of thousands more. But if you think of Bhopal as a tragedy from the '80s, you're missing the point: It was a crime and it's far from over. Amitabh Pal of the Progressive talks about the ongoing disaster of Bhopal and the potential progress finally being made to clean up the area and properly compensate victims.
Go to page  |  Download/listen   10:14

GP comment:  It's important to remember that Bhopal was not an unavoidable accident, it was a manifestation of corporate pennypinching on maintenance and upgrades at an industrial facility that handled deadly reagents. It's extremely rare that we put corporate executives or board members on trial for such failures, but that should change. Their personal fortunes are made by reaping the revenue from such operations in good times; their liberty and wealth should be at risk when it goes wrong due to their mismanagement.

Original Show Pub Date: 05.Dec.2014


Rating: 4 of 5 - Very good Making Contact

Blowing the Whistle, Paying the Price — Whistleblowers are heroes to many, but the government is increasingly treating them as traitors. In this show, we hear about the whistleblowers you won't see on the nightly news. They’re not named Manning or Snowden; they’re ordinary people who report wrongdoing at their place of employment, and pay the consequences.
Go to page  |  Download/listen   28:56

GP comment:  Such actions do indeed take courage, and wisdom to know when something is important enough that it can't be ignored or overlooked. Bravo to those who step up.

Original Show Pub Date: 15.Oct.2014


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