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Grinning Planet uses humor as a way to get people interested in serious topics ranging from environmental degredation and health impacts to peak oil and resilience to the Ponzi money system and the corrupt elites that run it. The site includes cartoons, videos, audio clips, articles, and other resources. Collectively, we'll save the world, or we'll die of laughter trying.

Brief History

In the beginning... Mark wanted to be syndicated cartoonist. He got close, but his one-year development contract with King Features Syndicate ended without a syndication deal. A few years later, while contemplating the file cabinets full of unused material and lamenting the declining state of the environment, the idea for Grinning Planet was born. You can see the press release from the launch in 2003.

The idea was to draw people into the conversation about environmental issues with generic humor, using funny segues to move them from the cartoon pages to the article pages.

Being a chronic overachiever, Mark expanded this simple concept to eventually include videos, audio clips, movies, songs, books, and other resources---some funny, some serious, all intended to get readers/viewers to laugh and think.

Today, environmental problems are as bad as ever, and we can add to that peak oil, overdependence on centralized systems, banksters pillaging the global financial system, governments moving us towards a Big Brother society, and a mainstream media that is merely the propaganda arm of the corporate-government ruling faction. I strive to present the truth on these and other issues, including solutions as part of the mix, and not forgeting that there are things in the world still worth laughing about!


I'd love for you to help spread the word about Grinning Planet. Linking to the home page or any page you like is very helpful. If you want to use a graphic as part of your link, see our buttons and banners page. If you've got something else in mind, contact me at

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Mark Jeantheau is the founder and sustainaing force behind Grinning Planet. He is a writer, financial analyst, web developer, anti-bankster crusader, environmentalist, owner of a resilient home, and, as necessary, chef and janitor. His humor has appeared in publications such as Writer's Digest and The Washington Post and in comic strips such as Mother Goose and Grimm and CHAOS. Grinning Planet is an expression of Mark's enthusiasm for all things funny and truthful, his disdain for unsustainable stupidity, and a psychotic desire to work himself half-to-death.

Special thanks to Donna Wellman, whose graphics, marketing and business skills helped make this project a success.

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Berea, Kentucky, USA


Cartoon of a fume-belching car and a lava-spewing volcano. Text says: Select the environmentally correct statement about the earth's atmosphere:  A. Greenhouse gases from automobiles are causing global warning.  B. airborne dust from volcanic explosions is causing global cooling.  C. The contradiction of a and b is causing global confusion.
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