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Forests, Trees, and Rainforests - Resources
Sustainable Forestry,  Lumber,  Paper,  Rainforest Issues


This resources page for trees, forests, and rainforests includes resources, audio, videos, movies, articles, books, quotes, cartoons, songs, resources on trees, issues on paper, issues on lumber, sustainable wood, smart paper, green lumber, green paper, resources for rainforests, resources for forests, lists of organizations and groups on trees, forests, and rainforests, and issues related to trees, forests, and rainforests.


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Rating: 3 of 5 - Good, worth a listen Democracy Now

The US Role in Illegally Logging Peru's Forests — More than half of Peru is still covered by tropical rainforest—an area the size of Texas—which plays a crucial ecosystem role and is a significant carbon sink. A new report documents how more than 20 US companies have imported millions of dollars in illegal wood from the Peruvian Amazon since 2008. Guest is Julia Urrunaga, Peru programs director for the Environmental Investigation Agency and author of the new report, "The Laundering Machine: How Fraud and Corruption in Peru's Concession System Are Destroying the Future of Its Forests."
Watch  |  Download/listen   6:59

GP comment:  You can see why these logs are coveted—they're huge compared to the re-growth trees available for lumbering in the US. Nonetheless, this is just another example of how most people in the West are fine with not asking too many questions about where wonderful (but illegally sourced) products come from.

Original Show Pub Date: 08.Dec.2014


Rating: 2 of 5 - OK; if you've got the time... Quirks and Quarks

Genetically Modified Chestnuts — A century ago, the American Chestnut was a tremendously important species in the forests of Eastern North America, representing more than a quarter of all forest trees in a swath from Georgia to Ontario. But a fungus introduced on imported Asian chestnut trees turned out to be catastrophic for the American Chestnut, killing billions of trees and essentially wiping out the species by the 1950s. Breeding a blight-resistant tree has proved laborious and difficult, so now a research team has developed a genetically modified American Chestnut that uses a gene from wheat to resist the effects of the fungus. Lead researcher William Powell explains.
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GP comment:  As GMO applications go, this would seem to be one of the less objectionable ones. But beware anytime a GMO proponent says "this is for the people and for the environment." And Powell's additional assertion that GM technology is more targeted and sensible than standard hybridization is completely specious.

Original Show Pub Date: 22.Nov.2014


Rating: 3 of 5 - Good, worth a listen Radio EcoShock

Stolen Future, Broken Present — David Collings discusses the epochal environmental crisis that is unfolding. Climate change is a centerpiece, but this is a many-faceted problem with no easy solutions. Overcoming the psychology that fathered the problem may not be possible, but it's still worth trying. ~~ Then Martin Persson explains how tropical deforestation is still stripping the planet—to provide products for us, the consumers in rich countries. ~~ Finally, Olli Tammilehto asks whether we can we survive a system that rewards the rich with a license to commit ecocide?
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GP comment:  Yep, the problem is one that is internal to the human makeup. It is indeed important that we keep trying to minimize the damage—it will make life more pleasant for longer. But we should always make the basis for discussion facts, not hopium.

Original Show Pub Date: 12.Nov.2014


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soy plantation/rainforest video link; thumb of puppet cow and puppet calf in pasture, talking
This is a cute 4-minute short film about how South American soy plantations are destroying rainforests to supply cheap feed for cattle in the UK (and elsewhere, BTW).  Watch soy plantation/rainforest video.

man stooped down, planting trees; click to watch video
In this excellent short film, a man stumbles upon a quiet shepherd who is planting trees—lots of them, slowly but surely. But why? The film has a great animation style, giving the film a warm, intriguing feel and adding to the sense of mystery. The plot pacing ensures the viewer's attention never wanders.  Watch The Man Who Planted Trees

See all  videos on forests and trees


      . . . about Forests, Trees, Rainforests, Sustainable Forestry, Lumber, Paper

Man Who Planted Trees, The (1987)

Animated; Director: Frédéric Back; Writer: Jean Giono

REVIEW: This animated short film is a story about a shepherd's long and successful singlehanded effort to re-forest a desolate valley. The sense of mystery about the shepherd and his unflappable approach to life give the film a warm, intriguing feel, and the plot pacing ensures the viewer's attention never wanders. The animation style is wonderfully blurry and impressionistic, adding to the enigmatic effect. You won't regret giving this film a half-hour of your time.

Watch this movie about forests for free

Check out DVD on

Green Chain, The (2007)

Starring: Tricia Helfer, Tahmoh Penikett, Brendan Fletcher, et al

DESCRIPTION: The Green Chain examines a community and a way of life through a series of inter-linking monologues inspired by the true tales and personalities that define today's forests. They all love trees—the logger and the logging company executive; the tree sitter, the tree hugger, and the protester; and the firefighter combating forest fires. The Green Chain explores conflicts between people on all sides of the battle for the trees.

Check it out at the film's web site

Grey Owl (1999)

Starring: Pierce Brosnan, Stewart Bick, Vlasta Vrana, Annie Galipeau

DESCRIPTION: In the 1930s, upon realizing that the woods of the great north are slowly vanishing, a frontier trapper decides to fight for the land he loves. From the Director of Gandhi and the Executive Producer of Dances With Wolves and A River Runs Through It.

Check out DVD on

Taking Root: The Vision of Wangari Maathai (2008) (Documentary)

DESCRIPTION: Taking Root tells the dramatic story of Wangari Maathai, a Kenyan woman whose simple act of planting trees—LOTS of trees—grew into a nationwide movement to safeguard the environment, protect human rights, and defend democracy.

Check out DVD on

Watch trailer or get more info at the film's web site

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Rivers, Watersheds

Fair Trade

Animals & Species




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  BIOMASS AND SUSTAINABILITY   (Wood Resources Article #203) 01-MAY-2009
  Biomass and Sustainability article link; thumb of man standing by switchgrass BIOMASS ONLY LOOKS GREAT IN A FUN-HOUSE MIRROR
Biomass and Sustainability — Why Biofuels Can't Replace Oil
  LOSS OF FORESTS   (Forest Article #186) 22-JAN-2008
  Rainforest Destruction article link; thumb of toucan in forest “TOUCAN PLAY AT THAT GAME,”

Forest and Rainforest Destruction — Causes, Effects, Costs
  RAINFOREST FACTS   (Rainforest Article #163) 07-NOV-2006
  Rain Forest Facts article link; thumb of rain forest map TARZAN’S LATER CAREER AS AN OPRYLAND YODELER . . .
As Well As a Few Real Rain Forest Facts
  SAVE PAPER   (Paper Article #160) 30-MAY-2006
  Save Paper article link; thumb of printer SWITCHING TO ELECTRONIC COUNTERFEITING ...

Save Paper at Home and at the Office
  thumb of coffee, tea, soda; link for Organic Article, Clean Up Your Office Kitchen - Make It a Green Kitchen GETTING BEYOND “WHO DID THAT TO THE MICROWAVE?”
Clean Up Your Office Kitchen – Make It a Green Kitchen
  TOILET PAPER AND ANCIENT FORESTS   (Forest Article #126) 03-MAY-2005
  thumb image of clear-cut forest; link for environmental article, Are You Using Facial Tissue and Toilet Paper Made from Old-Growth Forest? THE POKER-PLAYING TREE-HUGGER BLEW IT ALL ON A FLUSH
Are You Using Facial Tissue and Toilet Paper Made from Old-Growth Forest?
  TREE-FRIENDLY GREETING CARDS   (Paper Article #114) 08-FEB-2005
  graphic of letters in a mail bag; link for environmental article, The High Price of Paper Greeting Cards, Waste, Recycling, and Environmental Solutions “CONGRATULATIONS! ...

The High Price of Paper Greeting Cards, Waste, Recycling, and Environmental Solutions
  COFFEE AND RAINFORESTS   (Rainforest Article #112) 25-JAN-2005
  photo of coffee berries on coffee bush; link for health article, Why Buy Organic Coffee, Shade Grown Coffee, and Fair Trade Coffee? GREAT COFFEE IS GROUNDS FOR A PROMOTION
Why Buy Organic Coffee, Shade Grown Coffee, and Fair Trade Coffee?
  GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL THREATS   (Environmental Article #102) 16-NOV-2004
  picture of the lion cub and monkey; link for environmental article, 10 Threats to the Web of Life on Planet Earth GOOD ADVICE: DON’T BUG THE WEB OF LIFE
10 Threats to the Web of Life on Planet Earth
  RAINFORESTS / PAPER AND LUMBER   (Rainforest Article #84) 27-JUL-2004
  picture of rainforest; link for environmental article, Saving Old-Growth Forests Through Smart Lumber and Paper Choices SAVING THE FOREST FROM THE TREES ...

Saving Old-Growth Forests Through Smart Lumber and Paper Choices
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  book cover for The Last Forest, by Mark London, Brian Kelly, 2/6/2007

With a landmass larger than the continental US west of the Mississippi and with the richest diversity of plant and animal species on earth, the Amazon has always struck its explorers and would-be exploiters as infinite and largely impenetrable. But today, as developers and environmentalists clash over the region's future, the seemingly endless forest is fast disappearing in fires, rampant mineral extraction, rogue logging operations, and encroaching urban sprawl. As The Last Forest chronicles the region's transformation, we're stuck with the fundamental question: Is it too late to strike a balance in the Amazon between economic sustenance for the twenty-one million Brazilians who live there and protection for the world's last great forest? (by Mark London, Brian Kelly)

  book cover for The Smithsonian Atlas of the Amazon, by Goulding, Barthem, Ferreira, 3/17/2003

This illustrated atlas of the Amazon River and the surrounding rain forest presents full-color maps and nearly 300 spectacular photos. Along the way, the authors explore many intriguing topics such as why some of the Amazon's tributaries have black water, what happens when the freshwater of the Amazon reaches the salty ocean, and why we all should be concerned about the deforestation that contributes to the loss of species biodiversity. (by Goulding, Barthem, Ferreira)

  book cover for Tree: A Life Story, by David Suzuki and Wayne Grady, 10/10/2004

This is a story that spans a millennium and includes a cast of millions. It is the story of a single tree—how the tree grows and receives nourishment, the role the tree plays in the forest throughout its life, the community of organisms that share its ecosystem—all placed in the context of the events going on in the larger world during the tree's lifetime.


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      . . . about Forests, Trees, Rainforests, Sustainable Forestry, Lumber, Paper

"You hear headlines from time to time about the Amazon [rainforest] disappearing at a greater or lesser rate.... The real story is that over time the rate has stayed just the same. Year after year, decade after decade, we have failed to stop—or really even decrease—deforestation."

Patrick Symmes, Outside Magazine, interviewed on Living on Earth

"A woodland in full color is awesome as a forest fire, in magnitude at least, but a single tree is like a dancing tongue of flame to warm the heart."

Hal Borland

"It was strangely like war. They attacked the forest as if it were an enemy to be pushed back from the beachheads, driven into the hills, broken into patches, and wiped out. Many operators thought they were not only making lumber but liberating the land from the trees..."

Murray Morgan, from the book The Last Wilderness

"A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people."

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Funny Quotes about Trees and Forests

Forests/Rainforests/Trees Quotes

Habitat & Land Conservation Quotes

Nature/Outdoors/Parks Policy Quotes

Biodiversity / Species, Plants, Animals Quotes

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wood joke/cartoon link; thumb of wolf's head SOME COMMONLY ASKED



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Forests, Trees, Rainforests

Ecological, science-based forest-conservation advocacy

Works to harness the power of the marketplace to reform ecologically unsound business practices


Forests, Trees, Rainforests, Wood, Lumber

Certifies wood that has been grown/harvested sustainably

The oldest label for sustainable wood products; run by the Rainforest Alliance

Set up by the American Forest and Paper Association

Industry-backed; more permissive than FSC


Resources for

Works to defend the environment and rights of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon basin

Working to protect tropical rainforests and the rights of those living in them

Works to protect ecosystems and the people and wildlife that live within them by implementing better business practices for biodiversity conservation and sustainability

Works to end the loss of the world's tropical and temperate rainforests by reducing demand for the products of rainforest logging, mining and agricultural conversion

Works to save rainforests throughout the world, with emphasis on the Amazon Rainforest


Resources for

Works with publishers, industry stakeholders, and authors to change paper use in a way that preserves endangered forests and resources

Sells environmentally friendly recycled paper products for both home and business.


Forests, Trees, Rainforests - Resources

American Forests works to protect, restore and enhance the natural capital of trees and forests. "We plant trees!"

US agency responsible for management of the federal forests

Protecting America's Wilderness since 1935 through science, advocacy, and education

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