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Funny Cartoons About Collapse, Resilience, and Sustainability

This cartoon page is set up to collect a bunch of funny cartoons about sustainability, resilience, collapse, prepping, and all the other issues and activities that doomers talk about and act on. These are comic strips with sustainability/resilience/collapse as a theme -- from using their embed feature.

Squirrelly Approaches to Being Prepared

A funny resilience cartoon/comic strip from The Other Coast, by Adrian Raeside; Embed source:

The Other Coast

The Lands End is Near

A funny collapse cartoon/comic strip from Speed Bump, by Dave Coverly; Embed source:

Speed Bump

Regular Now at a Premium

A funny economic collapse cartoon/comic strip from Chip Bok Editorial Cartoons, by Chip Bok; Embed source:

Chip Bok Editorial Cartoons

The Ever-Popular Tortured Segue

resilient household article link; thumb of graphic At a personal or family level, the converging problems of economic meltdown, peak oil, power outages, and other things that may disrupt business as usual can all be addressed by undertaking The Resilient Household program.

Squawking About Life

A funny resilience cartoon/comic strip from F Minus, by Tony Carrillo; Embed source:

F Minus

Doomer Dress Code

A funny apocalypse/collapse cartoon/comic strip from Strange Brew, by John Deering; Embed source:

Strange Brew

The Ink on Local, Inc.

A funny resilience cartoon/comic strip about local food from The Other Coast, by Adrian Raeside; Embed source:

The Other Coast

The 100-Mile Snowman

A funny resilience/local food cartoon/comic strip from Bliss, by Harry Bliss; Embed source:

Future Cartoon/Joke link; thumb of alien on podium WHICH “PHRASES FROM THE FUTURE” CAUSE YOU THE MOST DISTRESS?
Future Cartoon
Funny Environmental News link; thumb of zombie woman news anchor ZOMBIE NEWS CLIPS, VOL. 7
Funny Environmental News
'End of the World' Cartoon link; thumb of devil HOW WE WOULD KNOW THE END OF THE WORLD IS COMING
'End of the World' Cartoon
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Parallel Whirled

A funny sustainability cartoon/comic strip about worlds run amok from The Other Coast, by Adrian Raeside; Embed source:

The Other Coast
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Rating: 4 of 5 - Very good Post Carbon Institute

Drilling California — Energy expert David Hughes and investment wonks discuss the prospects of developing California’s Monterey Shale. The potential oil reserves in the Monterey geologic region dwarf all other US shale reserves. But those who seek public support for tapping the resource are greatly overestimating the amount of oil that will be generated, exaggerating the economic benefits that will accrue to California, and downplaying the pollution associated with the oil extraction methods.
Watch  |  Download/listen   50:49

GP comment:  Holy cow, even CERA, one of the biggest pimpers of bad energy data in the US, won't get onboard with the ridiculous numbers that are being slung around on the Monterey play.

Original Show Pub Date: 27.Mar.2014


Rating: 4 of 5 - Very good C-Realm Podcast

The Ultimate Metric of Doom — Sustainability prepper Orren Whiddon explains how the original Limits to Growth study put him on his life-long course of learning about energy/ecological limits and adapting his life to them—even if the modern world around him did not have much interest in joining him (at least not yet). Whiddon argues that the level of peak human population will be the ultimate metric of our civilization's undoing. In the meantime, sterile phrases like "peak population" mask the abyss of human suffering that will occur as we descend back to a sustainable level of people on the planet.
Go to page  |  Download/listen   1:00:00

GP comment:  Just as the ecological footprint connects population and lifestyle to planetary destruction, that equation can be reserved, and we can see that as planetary constraints descend, lifestyles will degrade for many people before the actual number of them begins to fall.

Original Show Pub Date: 09.Apr.2014


Rating: 3 of 5 - Good, worth a listen Radio EcoShock

Is Our Highly Complex Society Ripe for Rapid Collapse? — There is a small band of pundits warning of civilizational collapse, and there are a growing number of people who suspect they are right. David Korowicz explains why certain events could cause our highly integrated, very complex modern world to become dysfunctional very quickly. He addresses examples like Ireland, which just went through an economic beating, as well as the UK fuel-depot blockade, which brought Britain to its knees in less than a week.
Go to page  |  Download/listen   1:00:00

GP comment:  Everything said here is correct, but none of it is new. Excellent listening for collapse newbies; a decent refresher—though underweight on peak energy and EMPs—for veteran collapsitarians.

Original Show Pub Date: 02.Apr.2014


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