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2012 BOOKS

This page has 2012 books, including books about Mayan prophesy.



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This page features all the best 2012 books and Mayan prophesy books, including books about transformation and cataclysm.

Most Recent 2012 Books

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  book cover for Apollyon Rising 2012, by Thomas Horn, 11/24/2009

The Lost Symbol Found and the Final Mystery of the Great Seal Revealed

The words, deeds, gestures and coded language of the world's most powerful men are pointing to an ancient, prophetic, cryptic, and even terrifying reality. In Apollyon Rising 2012, the powers at work behind global affairs—and why current Illuminati powers are hurriedly aligning for a New Order from Chaos—are exposed. Perhaps most incredibly, one learns how ancient prophets actually foresaw and forewarned of this time. Horn believes this New World Order is very near.

  book cover for 2012: Extinction or Utopia, by J. Allan Danelek, 11/1/2009

Doomsday Prophecies Explored   (by J. Allan Danelek)

Is 2012 the end of the world as we know it? From 2012 to global warming to worldwide pandemics, doomsday scenarios play an increasingly large role in our lives. Do any of these apocalyptic scenarios pose a real, urgent risk? Why does our modern culture continue to embrace these bleak beliefs, and how are they affecting our world. Separating hype from truth, J. Allan Danelek scrutinizes the ancient Mayan calendar's end date of 2012 and takes a hard look at whether it spells the end of the world or a new beginning.

  book cover for The 2012 Story, by John Major Jenkins, 10/15/2009

The Myths, Fallacies, and Truth Behind the Most Intriguing Date in History

John Major Jenkins covers the complete history and significance of the date December 21, 2012, which marks the end of the Mayan Long Count calendar and a period when the earth, the sun, and the center of the galaxy will come together in an extremely rare cosmic alignment, possibly indicating a coming transformation. Jenkins provides illumination on the 2012 controversies and intrigues, as well as the wisdom available from the Mayan teachings.

  book cover for Fractal Time, by Gregg Braden, 3/17/2009

The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age

Fractal Time merges the modern discoveries of nature's patterns (fractals) with the ancient view of a cyclic universe. Applying fractal time to the history of the world and life, Braden proposes that everything from the war and peace between nations to the patterns of human relationships mirror the returning cycles of our past. As each cycle repeats, it carries a more powerful, amplified version of itself. The key: If you know where to look in the past, you know what to expect when the same conditions return in the present and future.

  book cover for The Mystery of 2012, by Various Authors, 1/1/2009

Predictions, Prophecies, and Possibilities   (by Various Authors)

Major spiritual traditions, independent researchers, and archaeological findings all point toward 2012 as a critical moment in human history. This book features essays from the leading authorities on the 2012 phenomenon. Topics covered include... an examination of the scientific evidence for a shift in the earth's magnetic field and how it will affect all life ~~ explorations of the "accelerating pace of evolution" and why we may literally be transforming into a new species ~~ an analysis the original Mayan calendar ~~ thoughts about how we can take part in this shift to a life-sustaining culture.

  book cover for Toward 2012: Perspectives on the Next Age , by Edited by Daniel Pinchbeck and Ken Jordan, 12/26/2008

As we begin the countdown toward the year 2012, this book draws together some of today's most celebrated visionaries, thinkers, and pioneers in the field of evolving consciousness to exploring topics from shamanism to urban homesteading, the legacy of Carlos Castaneda to Mayan predictions for the year 2012, and new paths in direct political action and human sexuality. Here are ideas that trace the arc of our evolution in consciousness, lifestyles, and communities as we draw closer to a moment in time that portends ways of living that are different from anything we have experienced.

  book cover for The Complete Idiot's Guide to 2012, by Synthia Andrews, Colin Andrews, 10/7/2008

An Ancient Look at a Critical Time   (by Synthia Andrews, Colin Andrews)

On December 21, 2012, the Mayan calendar will complete its thirteenth cycle. According to the Mayan belief system, the world will end. And if you donít believe the Mayans, you can check in with The Bible Code, The Nostradamus Code, or The Orion Prophecy, all of which predict planet-wide doom. Then again, maybe the year 2012 is just a new opportunity. Could 2012 bring us good things instead of bad? This book gives readers a look at what the Mayan prophecy is all about, what it means to them, and much more.

  book cover for 2012 and the Galactic Center, by Christine R. Page M.D., 8/24/2008

The Return of the Great Mother

It is a fact of astronomy that our solar system will be in a new and noteworthy galactic alignment in 2012. Many think this will usher in a new era where the current perception of time will collapse and spiritual perception will expand. 2012 and the Galactic Center explains the psycho-spiritual preparations necessary to transition into this new era, and it shows how the alignment of the sun with the Galactic Center will allow humans the opportunity to experience and expanded consciousness and awareness normally reserved for shamans, pharaohs, and sages.

  book cover for Beyond 2012, by James Endredy, 2/1/2008

We are living out the prophecies of a planet in peril as we count down the days until 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar. James Endredy offers a message of genuine hope that "every human being can be a shrine of love, an altar of hope" during this time of shifting global consciousness and radical change. Beyond 2012 offers a wealth of practical ways for each of us to personally help spark the transformation of human consciousness.

  book cover for Serpent of Light: Beyond 2012, by Drunvalo Melchizedek, 1/1/2008

Every 13,000 years on Earth, Mother Earth's kundalini energy emerges from its resting place in the planet's core to heal hearts, align energies, right ancient imbalances, and balance the living earth's Unity Consciousness Grid. Drunvalo Melchizedek describes the impact of this event, emphasizing the indivisibility of life in the universe.

  book cover for How To Survive 2012, by Patrick Geryl, 3/15/2007

Tactics and Survival Places for the Coming Pole Shift

Every 11,500 years, built-up tension in the sun's magnetic field undergoes a huge release, causing massive solar flares and a reversal of the Earth's rotational direction. The Earth's outer crust is thrown into chaos, with planet-wide earthquakes, volcanoes and tidal waves reshaping landmasses and seas in a matter of hours. Geryl calculates that the next such occurrence will be in 2012, and he predicts civilization as we know it will end, with very few humans surviving. But the obstacles are not insurmountable. This book is a blueprint for surviving the disaster.


Novels -- Fiction with a Theme Related to 2012

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  book cover for Apocalypse 2012: A Novel , by Robert Gleason, Junius Podrug, 6/9/2009

In ancient Mexico, the "End-Time Codex"—prophesizing the world's end in 2012—is entombed. A young Aztec-Mayan slave, Coyotl, tells us its story. Gifted in math and astronomy, Coyotl rises to king's counselor in Tula, a golden city of milk and honey ruled by the brilliant god-king, Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent of lore. Gathering artists, scientists and craftsmen, this legendary ruler builds a city that will awe humanity for one thousand years. But he also faces war, catastrophic drought and betrayal, and he must stop the rise of an evil death-cult religion. A thousand years later, scientists discover the End-Time Codex. While struggling to decipher it, they realize their own age mirrors Tula's. Can they crack the 2012 code and save their world from Tula's deadly fate?

  book cover for 2012: The War for Souls, by Whitley Strieber, 7/1/2008

The ancient Maya calculated that December 21, 2012 would mark the end, not only of this age, but of human consciousness as we know it. But what will actually happen? In this work of fiction, Whitley Strieber explores 2012: A mysterious alien presence unexpectedly bursts out of sacred sites all over the world and begins to rip human souls from their bodies, plunging the world into chaos it has never before known. Courage meets cowardice and loyalty meets betrayal as an entire world struggles to survive. Heroes emerge, villains reveal themselves, and in the end something completely new and unexpected happens that at once lifts the fictional characters into a new life and sounds a haunting real-world warning for the future.

  book cover for The Aquarians, by Eric Rankin, 12/28/2007

An Ancient Mayan Prophecy—A Modern Phenomenon

In 1945, after being blown off the deck of his ship by an explosion, US Naval officer Vern Becket is visited by what he can only assume is his guardian angel. Helplessly floating in the dark seas off the coast of Japan, Vern learns that he has a mission—one that he won't accomplish for almost sixty years. In 2004, Dr. Troy Wallace and Rebecca Larson, dolphin echolocation researchers, are convinced that they are on the verge of an incredible scientific breakthrough that relates to dolphins, an ancient Mayan prophecy, and the very fate of humanity.

  book cover for Stellar Wind, by Catherine Barber, 3/6/2008

John Henry must fulfill his mission to save our dying era of Man before the stars align on December 21, 2012. He receives vital help from a strange menagerie that includes a seven-foot tall angel, Mayan King Pacal Votan, clever mermaids, and a sassy pirate queen. The story cleverly entwines the Sacred Tree, Mayan prophecies, a real life soul-snatching table that is housed in a missionary church in the Andes Mountains, and an old sailor yarn that began in 1712.


Older and Classic 2012 Books

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  book cover for Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, by John Major Jenkins, 8/1/1998

The True Meaning of the Maya Calendar End-Date

While researching the 2012 end-date of the Maya calendar, John Major Jenkins decoded the Maya's galactic cosmology. The Maya discovered that the periodic alignment of the Sun with the center of the Milk Way galaxy is the formative influence on human evolution. These alignments also define a series of world ages. When the fourth age ends on December 21, 2012, a large chapter in human history will come to an end. Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 reveals the Maya's insight into the cyclic nature of time, and prepares us for our own cosmogenesis—the birth of a new world.

  book cover for Apocalypse 2012, by Lawrence E. Joseph, 1/15/2008

An Investigation into Civilization's End   (by Lawrence E. Joseph)

Will 2012 be "the end"? Or maybe just a bit tumultuous? Oft-discussed 2012 challenges include planet-frying solar ejections; failure of the earth's magnetic radiation shield; gravitational mischief from the galactic plane; and eruption of the Yellowstone super-volcano. Or maybe the conflicts between Christianity and Islam finally escalate to Armageddon. Or maybe, while some of those things do cause trouble, 2012 is really a time of mega-metamorphosis, with a new era of elevated consciousness being born amid all the pain and blood and joy and release that any birth naturally entails.

  book cover for 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, by Daniel Pinchbeck, 9/6/2007

In 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, Daniel Pinchbeck proposes that what happens in "2012" depends on what humanity decides to make of it. We might see global famines and wars and increasing misery, or we might decide to institute a new planetary culture based on empathy, alternative economic systems, sustainable design, and a more equitable sharing of planetary wealth. According to the prophecies held by the Maya and other indigenous cultures, we may integrate modern scientific knowledge with Eastern spiritual wisdom and indigenous shamanism, leading to a new understanding of the physical and psychic cosmos. Rather than "doomsday," 2012 could be a time of positive transformation and the opening to a new way of life.

  book cover for How to Practice Mayan Astrology, by Bruce Scofield, Barry C. Orr, 12/8/2006

The Tzolkin Calendar and Your Life Path

How to Practice Mayan Astrology presents a contemporary guide to one of the most sophisticated astrological systems ever developed. Like other ancient peoples, the Maya looked to the cycles of the planets as markers of time and designators of order. The predictable cycles they observed became codified in the Mayan calendar and astrological system as a way of organizing the seeming chaos of human life. Included are extensive, easy-to-use tables of Mayan astrological data, allowing readers to determine their day-signs and cast their own horoscopes.

  book cover for The Mayan Factor, by Jose Arguelles, 4/1/1987

Path Beyond Technology

The Mayan Factor unravels the harmonic code of the ancient Maya, providing valuable keys to understanding the next twenty years of human evolution. It teaches us how to connect directly, sensuously, and electromagnetically with the Galactic Synchronization Beam, a time wave that is now triggering a new phase of galactic evolution. Gaining an understanding of cyclical time, as opposed to linear time, serves as a point of entry into a new cosmic consciousness.


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