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I'm no longer updating this page—or following Clif High. After years of listening to his predictions and skewing my actions based on his information, only to find time after time that the predicitons did not materialize, I say enough already. Whether there was ever any validity to his work, or whether it's been subverted by TPTB, it doesn't really matter. The bottom line is that no matter how fascinating Clif High's information is or how guru-ish he sounds, continuing to follow the Bots would be throwing good time after bad.

Unrated Strange Universe with Sean David Morton

Special Guest Clif High — 13 May 2013 — { No description available. }
Audio no longer available from host site   1:55:46

Unrated Clif's Wujo

Earthquake Experiences, Global Coastal Event, No Fear — 17 May 2013 — { description not available }
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Unrated Clif's Wujo

Don't Cry (For Me), Woo Woo...What IF the Global Coastal Event Happens? — 11 May 2013 — { description not available }
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Rating: 3 of 5 - Good, worth a listen Clif's Wujo

Extended "Global Coastal Event" Discussion — 04 May 2013 — The Web Bot results and a number of prominent remote viewers have all been predicting trouble ahead based on significant "earth change" activity, with many coastal areas being disastrously inundated. Clif High offers an extended analysis of his Web Bot data as well as the remote viewing data.
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Unrated Clif's Wujo

GCE Deterministic Mode, Data Pressure, Greater Context, Next Temporal Markers — 20 Apr 2013 — {Description not available}
Wujo show page  |  Download/listen to MP3   1:06:12

Unrated Clif's Wujo

GCE, Data Holes, DDOS Warfare, Algorithmic Texts, Bitcoin, Batshit Crazy GUS, Silver/Gold, Mine Slide, Weather, Bank Failure, Social Unrest — 14 Apr 2013 — {Description not available}
Wujo show page  |  Download/listen to MP3   40:34

Unrated Clif's Wujo

Crows, Venery, Murders, Bitcoin, Cathy, Healthcare, Astrology, Language, Ed Dames' Killshot, Reductionism, Synergy, SOCs — 12 Apr 2013 — {Description not available}
Wujo show page  |  Download/listen to MP3   58:27

Rating: 3 of 5 - Good, worth a listen Clif's Wujo

Mysogi Wave — 20 Mar 2013 — Clif High discusses the possibility that a wave of purification is rippling its way to a part of the universe near you---and all other humans on this planet. However, it's unclear that The Powers That Be and all the other buttheads from the highest to the lowest echelons will tune in to the positive realignment. It could be that the opposing forces are necessary for maintenance of cosmic balance.
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Clif's Wujo, 08 Apr 2013
Chaotiques, Bitcoin, Social Disorder, Narratives, Things That Gain from Disorder
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Clif's Wujo, 03 Apr 2013
Bitcoin Primer
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Clif's Wujo, 01 Apr 2013
Cyprus, Dollar, Data Holes, Bitcoin, a Few Wild Rants, More Random Insults
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Rating: 4 of 5 - Very good Clif's Wujo

The Global Coastal Event---Water, Water Everywhere... — 11 Mar 2013 — Clif High reviews his latest Web Bot analysis of the global coastal event. He says current data suggests the GCE will occur in May 2013, or possibly late April. It will likely not be a human-caused event. He offers a review of some of the predicted effects for the mid-Atlantic region of the US and Southwestern Europe, including unprecedented amounts of rain; extreme difficulty of travel; lots of water and mud; and a high potential for building collapses and other "gravity injuries." Other topics include a discussion of recent data contamination; earth expansion events; the data gap and data holes.
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Rating: 2 of 5 - OK; if you've got the time... Clif's Wujo

DA14/Meteors, Courtney Brown/FarSight.Org, Gold/Silver, Thrive — 20 Feb 2013 — Courtney Brown has declared his remote viewing experiment to be concluded, saying that the Russian meteor event means we're on a different timeline. Clif High disagrees with Brown's analysis, adding that it makes no sense to declare an experiment over before its time range has ended. Clif also discusses gold/silver price manipulations and clarifies his attitude towards Foster Gamble and Thrive.
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Clif's Wujo, 16 Mar 2013
Intersecting Myths---Nummo, Changer, Sky People, and the Abduction of Canoebuilder
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Clif's Wujo, 05 Mar 2013
Sinkholes, Chemtrails, Time Changes
Go to page  |  Download/Listen   51:55

Clif's Wujo, 27 Feb 2013
Chemtrails, Earthquakes, Disinfo, Flu, Bad Salts
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Clif's Wujo, 22 Feb 2013
First Aid Kits and Medical Strategies for Disasters
Go to page  |  Download/Listen   46:57

Rating: 2 of 5 - OK; if you've got the time... Clif's Wujo

Clif High on Russian, DA-14 and Companions — 15 Feb 2013 — Clif High relates some eyewitness accounts of the damage caused by the large meteorite that exploded over Russia in mid-February. He also discusses the "companions" of DA14 (the much-noted near-miss asteroid). It may turn out that the Russian meteor is just one of many such occurrences as gravity waves skew the track of DA14's companions towards earth. These MAY be related to the predicted Global Coastal Event, but the data are not clear.
Go to page  |  Download/Listen   27:09

Unrated Strange Universe with Sean David Morton

Global Coastal Event---Still On — 02 Feb 2013 — Clif agrees with the SolarWatch guys, who predict an 8.0 earthquake along the Pacific Rim in late March 2013. More generally, Clif still predicts that the Global Coastal Event will occur before June 1, changing life in the N hemisphere in a very short period of time. The Great Silence (Data Gap) may related only to certain regions---like where he lives (Pacific NW). Other topics include religion, Bilderbergers, and myths.
Listen via YouTube   1:28:12


Clif's Wujo, 09 Feb 2013
Global Coastal Event, Thrive, TPTB, Drive-in-Movie Spaceships, R&D, Heliocentricity Debunked
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Unrated Clif's Wujo

Chemies, Astragalus Root, Time and Bogus Timelines, Global Coastal Event, Farsight RV Experiment — 02 Feb 2013 — {No description available}
Wujo show page  |  Download/listen to MP3   1:02:17

Unrated Jeff Rense Show

Woo-Woo Grab Bag — 24 Jan 2013 — Topics in this Clif High interview include rocket mass heaters, Obama's gun grab, Sandy Hook conspiracies, Project Bluebeam psyop, alien invasion, Space Goat Farts entity, Czech death ray.
Listen via YouTube   37:52

Rating: 3 of 5 - Good, worth a listen Clif's Wujo

Challenge, Armed Revolt, Discipline, Earth Changes, Who You Gonna Call? — 23 Jan 2013 — As the Global Coastal event and resulting power vacuum approaches, and as TPTB continue their machinations, Clif High discusses the need for righteous warriors to be strategic and choose wisely when it comes to timing participation in any revolutionary activities. That does not mean continue being a couch potato---indeed, we should all be in a physical and mental training regimen, preparing for interesting times to come.
Wujo Page  |  Download/Listen MP3   44:56

Rating: 3 of 5 - Good, worth a listen The Black Tower Show

Sealed Seed Vault = Imminent Earth Changes — 16 Jan 2013 — In this interview, Clif High's topics include... the interaction of humans and radiation, including the irrradia couple , who can "eat radiation"; Jain cosmology and global history; how TPTB walk a tightrope by exposing truthful information and disinformation to try to keep reality confused, and how this is beginning to fail; the breakaway civilization may still, for unknown reason, be cow-towing to the current regime. Clif says the fact that the Svalbard seed vault in Norway has been sealed (rather than continuing to collect seeds) suggests that TPTB think earth changes are imminent---a la The Global Coastal Event.
Download/Listen MP3   1:55:18
More Black Tower Show


Clif's Wujo, 20 Jan 2013
Temporal Markers, Silvertards, First Nations, New Electrics, Chemtrails, Tonics
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Clif's Wujo, 13 Jan 2013
Meditative Self Healing, Global Coastal Event Descriptors
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Unrated Clif's Wujo

New Electrics, Irradia Couple, Algae Dangers — 05 Jan 2013 — Description not available.
Wujo MP3 list  |  Download/Listen   35:42

Unrated Clif's Wujo

Little Bloop and Chakras/Mudras — 01 Jan 2013 — Description not available.
Wujo MP3 list  |  Page to download MP3   44:17

Rating: 3 of 5 - Good, worth a listen Time Monk Radio Network

Clif High on the "Global Coastal Event" — 21 Dec 2012 — Web Bot guru Clif High discusses a variety of topics but focuses on the "global coastal event" predicted for the first half of 2013. He explains how the sun may cause the event and postulates some details for the aftermath, as well as why awake-and-aware types will likely be a higher proportion of society in the future. Other topics include remote viewing accuracy; systemic collapse vs. financial collapse; upcoming temporal markers for major events like implosion of derivatives, death of dollar and breakout of silver; the breakaway civilization and why it's in their best interest to reconcile with us sheeple in a symbiotic way.
Go to page  |  Download/Listen   2:29:41


Rating: 3 of 5 - Good, worth a listen Marc Stevens / NSP Radio

Clif High on Systems of Governance — 22 Dec 2012 — The hosts and Clif High debate the "voluntary society" vs. a granted-authority/granted-privilege society, non-hierarchical systems of governance, and the basis of governance authority. They also discuss a number of other "us vs. them" topics, including dealing with the tendency towards violence in achieving solutions to our civilizational problems.
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Take a virtual tour

Rating: 3 of 5 - Good, worth a listen Clif's Wujo

Complexity, Control, and Little Bloop vs. Big Bang — 06 Dec 2012 — Clif High offers a counter to the Big Bang theory—his theory of Little Bloops and 22 trillion pulses per second. He also explains how the Universe is becoming more complex over time, in contradiction to the law of entropy. This is because there is more potential for interactions to occur, adding to complexity. TPTB are trying to use chaos to foster a new world order, but the level of complexity is proving difficult for them to control. The speed at which the surface world is being bled to feed the breakaway civilization indicates there is a mentality of desperation among the ruling class.
Page to download MP3   58:30
More Clif's Wujo

Unrated Clif's Wujo

Chakras — 04 Dec 2012 — {summary not available}
Page to download MP3   44:31
More Clif's Wujo

Rating: 2 of 5 - OK; if you've got the time... Clif's Wujo

Clif High on Crustal Shifts and Being a Citizen of the World — 25 Nov 2012 — Clif High explains why he thinks the theory that galactic forces are about to cause one of earth's once-an-eon crustal shifts is wrong. He also clarifies his position on the "Citizen of the World" proposition and how to interpret the fact the some of TPTB are members.
Page to download MP3   50:34

(GP comment:  Um, he recommends we get a "world government ID"? To that I say... "Danger, Will Robinson!")

Rating: 3 of 5 - Good, worth a listen Destiny Survival Radio

Crazy Apes on Digital Cocaine — 06 Dec 2012 — George Ure discusses the central role that the internet now plays in all aspects of our lives. If, say, a nuclear- or solar-based EMP knocked down electrical grids, the internet, and other centralized services for an extended period of time, would most households be able to cope? Other topics include internet addiction, privacy issues related to internet activity, connecting vs. bonding, and how technology is affecting our lives. He briefly touches on the Web Bot-predicted 2013 "data gap," which could be a manifestation of a future extended internet outage.
Go to page  |  Download/Listen   1:28:10

Rating: 2 of 5 - OK; if you've got the time... Clif's Wujo

The End of the Fascist Corp-Gov-Religious Nation-State Paradigm — 21 Nov 2012 — Clif High discusses the Global Coastal Event, scheduled for the first half of 2013, that will impact the vast majority of humans and will be the end of the world as we know it. Neither the Web Bot analysis nor remote viewing analyses of that period can see past June 2013 and thus are unable to predict anything good or bad beyond that. Other topics include how oceanic crustal plates may crack, the possibility of counter-solutions to the coming problems, and the concept of being a World Citizen as a way to stand up against TPTB and to prepare oneself for the end of the fascist corp-gov-religious nation-state paradigm.
Page to download MP3   1:08:12
More Clif's Wujo

Rating: 2 of 5 - OK; if you've got the time... Clif's Wujo

Clif High on the Israeli Mistake, US State Banks, Earthquakes, and the Global Coastal Event — 18 Nov 2012 — Clif High discusses future events. Topics include ... an update on the "Israeli mistake" in light of the Gaza action; coming problems for the Pope and high-level Catholic minions, a la pedophilia scandals; the formation of US state banks in the context of secession movements. Clif agrees with Patrick Geryl's method for predicting increasingly numerous large earthquakes but disagrees with Geryl's extension of the method to a crustal shift. He still agrees with Courtney Brown's predicting of a devastating "global coastal event" before 30 June 2013.
Page to download MP3   52:40

Rating: 2 of 5 - OK; if you've got the time... Clif's Wujo

Mayans, Vedic Math, Eruption of Corruption, More — 10 Nov 2012 — Clif's topics include... the hidden history of the Mayans; Vedic math, previous civilizations, and temporal engineering; alternate solar system theory as it pertains to the changing of the ages; the coming "eruption of corruption" in the Catholic church; amino acid deficiencies vs. mind-altering meds.
Page to download MP3   1:00:48
More Clif's Wujo

Rating: 2 of 5 - OK; if you've got the time... Veritas

Clif High on the Unfolding Machinations of TPTB — 26 Oct 2012 — Topics in this Clif High interview include... how the 2012 US presidential election will end up contested and chaotic, ultimately with Romney being declared the winner; how immigration policy fits into the plans of TPTB; why TPTB will soon throw the Catholic Church under the bus; how chemtrail activity may relate to the ozone layer; the coming war—TPTB against aware individuals and "troublesome" types.
Go to Veritas page to download MP3 or listen to stream   1:24:06

Rating: 4 of 5 - Very good Clif's Wujo

Clif High on Collapse and Resilience — 14 Oct 2012 — After briefly discussing StoneBooks, the project to preserve knowledge, Clif High talks about unfolding events. Topics include... The breaking pedophilia scandals will center in the UK and then spread to the Catholic church hierarchy and Hollywood. The temporal marker for the collapse of the dollar has been reached. Contrary to the plans of TPTB, there will be substantial chaos in the US, first triggered by food shortages and the collapse of the food-stamp system. He thinks the use of mind-control drugs on US soldiers will be a factor in how far they will go in following orders to oppress the US population. Before June 2013, he thinks we'll see grid failure and massive earth changes due to a solar event, with a related double-whammy, the global coastal event. He strongly urges everyone to get fit and get resilient.
Page to download show   1:00:32

Rating: 3 of 5 - Good, worth a listen Clif's Wujo

Clif High on Breaking Scandals, Chemtrails, and Universe vs. TPTB — 08 Oct 2012 — Clif High's topics this time include... a new pedophilic scandal that will affect the financial industry; new changes in chemtrail patterns and related changes in weather patterns; the ritual practices TPTB have been using to delude/control the masses seem to be having less effect; the universe helps push back against TPTB by creating cracks in their veneer of bullshit, allowing aware persons to see reality, and by propelling truth-seekers to act as impediments to the free flow of TPTB's negative energy.
Go to page to download MP3   48:39

Rating: 2 of 5 - OK; if you've got the time... Clif's Wujo

Clif High on Assassinations and World War III — 13 Sep 2012 — Clif High discusses a coming wave of assassinations—to be blamed on Islamists but really carried out by Zionists intent on instigating WWIII. He offers a twisty explanation of the religious underpinnings of the effort. On the encouraging side, Clif offers advice for those of us who would choose to act wisely.
Page to download MP3   48:15

Rating: 2 of 5 - OK; if you've got the time... Clif's Wujo

Complexity, Transition, and Time Traveling Banksters — 03 Sep 2012 — Clif High speculates on an increasing awareness of complexity that many humans are experiencing. This is likely to be important for getting a critical mass of "aware humans" that can collectively guide humanity through the coming chaos. He also discusses being resilient, especially when it comes to future food resources, and selectively helping others to be resilient too. Not everyone is destined for success, though—no doubt some people will never adapt to the stepped-up vibrations and challenges.
Page to download MP3   56:50

Rating: 3 of 5 - Good, worth a listen Clif's Wujo

Confirmation of 2013 RV Experiments — 23 Jul 2012 — Clif High discusses the prediction of major coastal events in the next year, correlating data from the Web Bot project with data from Courtney Brown's remote viewing experiment. The verdict is: sploosh!
Page to download show   39:33
More Clif's Wujo


Strange Universe, 24 Jul 2012
Clif High on All the Usual Doom
No longer available from host site.   2:00:00

Clif's Wujo, 09 Aug 2012
Clif High on the Nature of Time and the Coming "Event"
Go to page to download   53:39

Clif's Wujo, 11 Aug 2012
Clif High on the Esoterica of Time and Materium
Go to page to download   52:26

Rating: 4 of 5 - Very good Clif's Wujo

Clif High on the Changing Energies on Earth — 10 Jul 2012 — Web Bot herdsman and overall guru Clif High discusses changing energetic patterns on earth and how this is affecting all creatures, including humans.
Page to download show (free)   41:19
More Clif's Wujo

(GP comment:  This starts off pretty weird and seemingly irrelevant, but hang in there—the last half is worth it.)

Rating: 3 of 5 - Good, worth a listen Clif's Wujo

Web Bot Update—Unknown Entities and Energies from Space — 20 Apr 2012 — Clif discusses some of his latest observations from Web Bot data, including... diaspora language and "1.289 million dead" still in the language; radiation increases coming; how the "Israeli mistake" relates to Fukushima; holes in time-space that can bring extra energy to earth or be exploited by unfriendly extraterrestrials.
Download/Listen   53:37
More Clif's Wujo

(GP comment:  Is Clif High part of a long term psy-op? Or is he what he says he is, a old bald guy with a knack for languages, programming, and analysis? Toss a coin. I don't put much faith in the accuracy of the Web Bot predictions, but like a good B-grade monster movie, Clif High never ceases to be fascinating and fun.)

Unrated Clif's Wujo

Fukushima, Radiation, and Time Bubbles — 16 Apr 2012 — Clif discusses the likelihood that more—and deadly—levels of radiation will be coming from the Fukushima disaster, and how use of time bubble technology could protect the northern hemisphere from the blast.
Download/Listen   28:55

Clif's Wujo

Clif High on JIT, Aquaponics, How to Find Work, and Re-Thinking the Process — 08 Apr 2012 — The Web Bot data point to a big drop in the Dow this year and increasing desperation among those squashed by the bad economy and the policies of TPTB. He suggests the need to change our work paradigm from having a job to having work. Greece, in it's debacle, is leading the transition to the calorie economy. The same process is about to begin in the US, which will damage the just-in-time retailing systems. Clif suggests backyard aquaponics as a resilient protein solution.
Part 1:  Download/Listen   36:46
Part 2:  Download/Listen   24:31
More Clif's Wujo

Unrated Clif's Wujo

The 'Prometheus' Movie, the Nummo, and Human Origins — 31 Mar 2012 — Clif contrasts the theme in the movie Prometheus, which offers a dark take on the advent of humanity, and other similar myths and origin stories from antiquity. And he explains why Prometheus may be significant in terms of information about the true (alien) origins of humanity being released to the public.   (Um, or it's just a sci-fi movie and those are all just unverifiable myths. --GP)
Download/Listen   50:14

Clif's Wujo

Coming Soon to Shombies Near You—The Personality Cults — 29 Mar 2012 — Clif High discusses the influence of the patriarchal hierarchical meme and how most people's paradigms are subconsciously built upon this meme. Most avenues to ease the pain of this entrapment are merely clever alternate paths within the trap system. As the transition in consciousness unfolds, those who are not ready to accept it will gravitate to charlatans and manipulators. The cults of personality will be dangerous because the charlatans and their followers are easily guided to ill purpose by the real puppet masters, The Powers That Be.
Download/Listen   35:20
More Clif's Wujo

Clif's Wujo

Radiation and Its Effects on Humans — 14 Mar 2012 — Clif High explains why we humans are now dealing with higher levels of radiation, what the likely effects are on different people and different parts of the body, and how we can best mitigate the effects.
Click to go to Download Page   47:15
More Clif's Wujo

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-- Supplements for Nuclear Radiation Fallout

Clif's Wujo

Clif High on BitCoin, Thrive, NDAA, Calorie Economy, and Deep Woo — 20 Mar 2012 — In this talk, Clif High's topics include...

  • BitCoin as an alternative to PayPal and other bankster-dependent currency systems
  • the problems with the Thrive movement
  • NDAA and assassination of US citizens—can the president now decree assassination of congress critters and banksters?
  • the appearance of the temporal marker for the beginning of the calorie economy
  • the deep woo of black programs and tears in the space-time continuum

Click to go to download page   46:22
More Clif's Wujo

Clif's Wujo

Meditation Overview — 16 Mar 2012 — Clif High gives a very interesting overview of the different meditation types, how meditation affects your mind and body, and how it provides a way to see more clearly the true nature of Universe and your role in it. He points out that there is no one-size-fits-all type of meditation, and that you will likely start out on one path and end up on another, with many changes along the way. It's part of the discovery process.
Click to go to Download Page   36:40
More Clif's Wujo


Clif's Wujo, 18 Mar 2012
Clif High on Solar Events, Food Contamination Issues, Banksters, and Secrets Revealed
Click to go to Download Page   31:54

Clif's Wujo, 31 May 2012
Clif High:  More on Meditation Techniques
Go to page  |  Download/Listen   38:56

Ground Zero Radio

Clif High:  Find Your Personal Balance Point — 24 Feb 2012 — Comments in this Clif High/Web Bot interview include...

  • Clif discusses the principles of the web bot method, putting the concepts in context of current trends.
  • There will be a planetary level of emotional response to the "Israeli mistake" that will, hopefully, mean WW III is avoided.
  • Clif thinks terrorism is a largely manufactured enemy meme used as a tool by TPTB to direct public thinking and make them accept policies and trends that would otherwise be unpopular.
  • Internet activism does have its effect but is counterbalanced by the propaganda of TPTB's media machine.
  • Early March will see a sharp increase in financial thievery, saber rattling, and bad behavior by TPTB and their minions. But then there is an emotional release, and things never again return to building tension. This is very significant, even though the details on the cause and effect are not clear.
  • In terms of preparing for transitional chaos, Clif says it makes the most sense to find your own personal balance point between prepping and continuing with normality.

Download/Listen   1:58:21
More Ground Zero

Surrounded By Idiots

Finding Ourselves Outside of Materium — 22 Feb 2012 —

  • Clif explains the current winter disparities—harsh in Europe, mild in the US—in terms of Dr. Baht's theory of the sun's comet-like characteristics and changes.
  • After the first half of March, the populace shifts into permanent release. The specific trigger is unknown; it just appears as if universe is moving us in that direction. TPTB are aware this is coming and are likely to try to start WW III as a way to subvert the transformation. The general trend is part of larger cycles.
  • Clif agrees with Max Keiser and others that the people of the world need to reject the banksters and their bailout/austerity measures, just like Iceland did.
  • Watch for waves of resignations among chief financial officers as they see just how bad the numbers are as derivatives blow up, corrupt economic structures collapse, and the ponzi-dollar dies.
  • Clif discusses the unusual, very loud vibrational noises that some people have heard when in remote outdoor areas.
  • The extra energies coming from the sun are so significant that they are changing carbon molecules, altering the decay rate of C-14. Other types of atoms are likely having responses, too. Similarly, these sun energies will interact with the energies that represent our bodies and minds. The effects will be unpredictable but with a definite trend towards irritability and violence. Clif hopes that the sun disease period will not overlap with the major shift in early March.
  • Clif offers a very interesting take on the "technological singularity" concept.
  • Like the tip of an iceberg (or Doctor Who's TARDIS), a person's physical manifestation is a small part of their existence. Our consciousness exists outside of the materium, and as we are better able to tune into this aspect of ourselves, we will find other conscious beings there—many of whom are not human.

Download/Listen   1:58:52
More Surrounded By Idiots

Suzanne Toro

Clif High on the March 2012 Discontinuity — 13 Feb 2012 — In this interview with Clif High, topics include... Clif discusses solar system issues, including extra brightness in earth-visible celestial bodies. ~~ He discusses the importance of complexity in how the future will unfold, noting that Terrence McKenna's Timewave 0 work may be more relevant than it has been given credit for. ~~ He describes the materium as a place for us to explore our reality and karma, and theorizes on what it would be like to have connected-memory reincarnation (as opposed to reincarnation where you can't remember your past lives). ~~ Clif emphasizes the importance of creative mass action of the non-violent, non-compliant style. ~~ He says the "discontinuity" predicted for early March is likely to include a dwindling ability of TPTB to influence the masses through the propagandistic media. This could be related to a solar-blast-driven widespread power outage, but that is speculative. It could also be that the hundredth-monkey human has a conscious awakening during this period, which brings on the mass shift in consciousness.
Go to page  |  Download/Listen   2:10:07

Unrated Time Monk Radio Network

David Icke (with appearance by Clif High) — 10 Feb 2012 — This interview includes... David Icke gives a riveting interview on the battle between The Powers That Be and the human population's awakening consciousness. He largely rejects the idea that the chronic, global suffering meted out by TPTB is a necessary stimulus to a transformation in humanity. The awakening of mass consciousness—which is being suppressed by TPTB's control systems—is essential if anything is going to change in the world. ~~ On more earthbound matters, Icke offers a very apt description of the chessboard moves that are leading to a totalitarian one-world government, including the current conflicts with Syria and Iran. ~~ Clif High briefly joins the discussion and reframes the "Israeli mistake" as the "Zionist mistake," saying the Web Bot data still show 1.289 billion deaths as a result of it and a period of misery for those who survive. ~~ Clif and David discuss the importance of maintaining proper language in communications as a way of not participating in the NLP techniques of TPTB. ~~ Icke talks about ways that we are collectively helping build our own prison, and says we must engage in love-based, non-violent non-cooperation. ~~ Icke discusses the difficulty for the average person trying to see reality for what it is against the tide of the disinformation from the education and media systems and the derisive comments from unaware families and friends.
Go to page  |  Download/Listen   1:40:58


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