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Clif High/Web Bot Interviews - 2009-2011 Archive

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This page archives older interviews with Clif High, the guru of the Web Bot prediciton project. You can also see the current Clif High interviews.

Clif High Interviews from 2011:

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Clif High Interview on Time Monk Radio Network

09 Dec 2011 — In this interview with Clif High, topics and discussions include...

  • Clif thinks solar issues are probably the biggest item we face for the mid-term future, most notably high-energy solar emissions that are already affecting the way our central nervous systems work, with a clear effect on our ability to think and process new information.
  • The Russians appear to have enough confidence that a solar blast is coming that they are planning to shut down their nuclear plants in advance, to avoid issue with plant operators being unpredictably affected by solar energy.
  • The data gap beings to manifest in March 2012, with less and less coming through the wall over the next 19 months (the period of the current data analysis).
  • TPTB are continuing their quiet migration to their chosen safe places, though they safety is only perceived, not real.
  • The money masters know the currency game is in its end phase, and they are trying to maximize the take from it. Because an Israeli attack on Iran would negatively affect the wealth harvest, Israel remains leashed.
  • The data still show "the Israeli mistake" and "half of the Israeli force being destroyed." He thinks this may imply intervention by the Russians or Chinese (or unknown entities) with weapons technologies that are not yet publicly known (i.e. energy/scalar weapons).
  • More broadly, WW III may already be underway, albeit quietly for now.
  • Clif opines that we live in an electric universe—everything is energy. We have tricked our limited brain potential into perceiving a materium—that matter actually exists when it is merely a manifestation of our perceptions. Still, the underlying reality must be adhered to or "mirrored," and because we humans can do so many cool things with electricity even within the materium, electricity appears to be a fundamental precept of Universe. He also discusses some of the issues with the multiverse theory and string theory.
  • He offers some practical metaphors to help us understand "release language."
  • In 2012, if we don't effectively fight the entrenched elite in February and March, there may not be a point to doing so in April.
  • When a being is aligned with the intentions of Universe, they cannot be defeated because doing so would require judo'ing the entire Universe!

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George Ure Interview on Time Monk Radio Network

03 Dec 2011 — George Ure discusses the possibility of an "economic collision" in January 2012, with the possibility of the DOW falling 80-90% over the next two years. He discusses the de facto coup d'etat in the US perpetrated by the moneyed class and evaluates the possibility that the US is headed towards dictatorship. He contrasts the risk of social collapse due to financial market meltdowns vs. collapse due to the ramifications of events like severe solar storms or WW III, and highly recommends having a substantial garden based on non-chemical methods. Much more....

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Clif High Interview on Well Rounded Corners

08 Nov 2011 — In this interview with Clif High, topics include...

  • Clif extensively discusses earthquakes—whether driven the Expando Planet model, by solar changes, or caused intentionally by evil humans—and all the surface changes these phenomena are likely to bring.
  • Regarding the Israeli mistake, it now appears that the mistake may be internal turmoil/chaos regarding an attack on Iran. He think the US proposition that Iran might somehow attack the US is nonsense—they would not be so reckless. Israel, on the other hand, would do anything within its power, reckless or not, to further its goals. Moreover, the US is the only country on the modern record that executes preemptive strikes. Still, TPTB, for whatever reasons, see the Iran attack as a tool—holstered for now.
  • Many of the unwanted mergers of diverse, previously sovereign areas into unified states—for instance, Yugoslavia or Iraq—were part of TPTB's plan to bring central control to the planet. But all those forced unions will continue to be undone.
  • Part of the unfolding transition of consciousness appears to be a majority of people abandoning the fear memes that permeate mainstream media. While much of the detail level of the unfolding transition seems to be abstract, a time is coming when it will all become very real choices for us, and then we must act.

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Clif High Interview on Zany Mystic with Lance White

05 Nov 2011 — Clif High's interview comments include...

  • Clif discusses control memes in open and closed societies.
  • He talks about the release peak on 8-9 Nov.
  • Clif explains why perception and analysis of star patterns was a very important conceptual leap for humankind. He discusses alternate theories of the solar system in which interstellar travel (as in Star Trek) would not be possible. He reviews a few of the technical cans and can'ts of time travel and teleportation.
  • The data suggest that TPTB think they will be able to ride out the "sun disease" problems in earth-sheltered hidey holes, but they will find themselves mistaken, mostly because of earthquakes.
  • The data suggest that whatever is going to happen in Dec 2012 (a la the Mayan calendar) will have perceptibly begun in Mar 2012.
  • Something that is "psychically disturbing" to humanity will be happening over the next couple of years. Clif feels confident, though, that our creativity and innate goodness will carry us through.

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Clif High Interview with Suzanne Toro

02 Nov 2011 — In this interview, Clif High's comments include:

  • As the financial system comes down, the most humane approach will be to focus attention and available resources on the needs of the 99%, regardless of legalities. For instance, the glut of vacant vacation homes could be used to house people who have lost their primary homes during the bankster-driven real estate debacle and economic collapse.
  • More broadly, it will be up to us 99%ers to choose wise responses to events and to each other. It would be good to begin coordinating intelligent response plans with other like-minded individuals. It will also be key for all to be aware of the false memes that will be offered by the stooges in the elites' main stream media. A period of transformation is likely to extend for at least a couple of decades.
  • Rather than wantonly disposing of the reptilian freakizoid Powers That Be, it may be more advantageous to subvert them to the greater good. However, if they are sufficiently resistant to that, then disposal would be the only option.
  • Electromagnetic pollution from the officially sanctioned technologies would seem to be an intentional strategy to weaken the health of the populace. Other, less damaging technologies have not been allowed to come to the fore.
  • Pinning down the date for the end of the Mayan calendar is difficult, given that the basis for establishing such a date—the Gregorian calendar—is full of fakery.
  • The Planetary Mind F*ck may be the unleashing of the Israelis on their "enemies" in the Middle East. Regardless, the data suggest that the coming Mind F*ck event will be substantial enough to occupy our attention for as long as 16 months.
  • In Mar 2012, the data suggest a "planetary experience"—natural or caused by TPTB—for higher vibrational forms of life (mammals, mostly). Beyond that, the picture is still unclear.
  • The Vatican—the house of sorcerers—will fall in 2012 as a result of exposed secrets during austerity riots.
  • We are all receiving more energy from Universe these days. Being aware of this, and molding the increased energy to our good intentions, is important.
  • An individual may be unaware because of karma, but he need not stay unaware because of karma. Expand your awareness and follow your clues!

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Clif High Interview on Surrounded by Idiots

01 Nov 2011 — In this interview with Clif High, topics include...

  • Clif offers examples of the practical implications of the Expando Planet model.
  • He discusses the test of the Emergency Broadcasting System and the "internet shutdown" scheduled for Nov 9. What are they up to? Are they reaching too far?
  • Clif speculates about how the global Ponzi economy will end and transition.
  • He finds the characteristics of the 'Occupy' movement very interesting. He spends time correlating them with specific predictions in past Web Bot reports.
  • Clif discusses the coming Planetary Mind-F*ck. It will be some extraordinary event designed to shift focus off of the meltdown of the derivatives market and TPTB's plan to execute a massive wealth heist. He thinks the event will have to be huge—on the order of an unprecedented earthquake, WW III, or a faux space alien attack—i.e. something that will completely dominate the public's attention for at least 6 months.
  • He offers ideas for pushing back against the increasingly outrageous government takedowns of local food operations and activities.
  • Clif discusses growing problems for the Vatican/Catholic power hierarchy. He thinks an internal schism is emerging the will soon cause serious problems for Ratzinger (a.k.a. Pope Benedict XVI).
  • He discusses the potential for massive fraud regarding how history has been "documented"—or fabricated—especially as it relates to religious figures and religious factoids. The exposure of this is likely to affect people's views of the major religious institutions in a very negative way.

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Clif High Interview on KXL/Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis

07 Oct 2011 — Clif's topics include the difference between the education system and the schooling system; how the financial collapse is shaping up; how the 'Occupy' movement is likely a nascent representation of the "self-organizing collective" meme predicted by the data; why the next false flag operation won't look like 9/11; coming problems for the Pope and the Vatican; the problem of radiation concentrating in the higher levels of the food chain; the coming famine is already locked into the harvest numbers.

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Clif High Interview on WIBC with Denny Smith

28 Sep 2011 — For beginners, Clif describes the history and techniques of the Web Bot project. He says the data predict that the winter of 2011-2012 will be "legendary" for its severity. He discusses the move to a calorie-based economy 2-3 years from now—after the Second American Revolution. And he offers a nice bit on the physics of the Expando Planet model. Plus more.

Part 1:  Download/Listen   40:29
Part 2:  Download/Listen   39:39
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Clif High Interview on Yow Radio with Marshall Masters

27 Sep 2011 — In this interview with Clif High, topics include...

  • The effects of increasing alignments of sun, planets, and galaxy—scheduled for culmination in 2012—are likely to include a very severe winter of 2011-2012 and mutagenic issues for species on the planet. We're already seeing extraordinary levels of solar radiation. Clif says a notable number of TPTB appear to be "on the move to hidey-holes," which is curious and a bit worrisome.
  • Clif says that under the Expando Planet theory, supervolcanoes are unlikely to be a major issue—they all appear to be exhausted. There will nonetheless be a high level infrastructure damage that will result from other types of earth changes.
  • He interprets the "razing of subdivisions" data partly as a resource harvesting operation on the part of TPTB and the corporate minions.
  • He sees in the data the following financial crash pattern: Stock market shocks in September/October 2011, currency chaos in November 2011 (perhaps on the numerologically significant 11/11/11?), and a major false flag event in December 2011 that will be a signal that things have shifted, that the gloves have come off.
  • Unemployed workers older than 45 are probably done with their experience as "employees." But they can still find work by being creative, energetic, and engaging in cooperative commerce, which will in the end be better for them and for society.
  • Clif discusses the level of brownroots propaganda operations run by TPTB on YouTube and other social media sites.

No longer available from host site.


Clif High Interview on Truth Frequency Radio

27 Aug 2011 — In this interview with Clif High, topics include...

  • Clif now thinks the original association of the "ill winds" with the "Israeli mistake" was clearly wrong, that the ill winds in actuality began with the Deepwater Horizon disaster and will be greatly added to over the next year by the ever-worsening Fukushima disaster. Natural disasters and earth changes affecting other nuclear plants may add further to the problem.
  • Clif thinks we will see four more major hurricanes this year (after Irene). He also discusses the possible involvement of HAARP in the creation or steering of hurricanes.
  • As they do every 25,000 years or so, the various solar cycles are all coming to an end at the same time in the next year or two. This will drive significant earth changes. Human health and behavior issues due to sun activity will become common.
  • Clif does not see "California sliding into the sea" due to massive earth changes, but he agrees that a major split in the New Madrid Fault could divide the US in two (with water from the Gulf of Mexico all the way up the Mississippi to the St. Lawrence Seaway).
  • The data forecast three major solar flares in March 2011, November 2011, and May 2012 that are (cumulatively) likely to disrupt core societal functions and may be the cause of the "data gap" around that time.
  • The data are still showing a dollar crash in Nov 2011, though he admits it could be a slower decline extending over a year or even a few decades. The data link $108/oz silver with the initial crash of the dollar and $600/oz silver with the completion of the process.
  • Clif discusses the illusion of the materium—everything is energy manifested in apparent material stuff. These energy patterns are subject to our conscious intention, but be careful of unintended consequences.

Audio no longer available from host site.


Clif High Interview on Time Monk Radio Network

12 Aug 2011 — This interview with Clif High covers a wide range of topics, including...

  • The data suggests a "blue bankruptcy" of significant import. Clif reads this as the US Postal Service. (Or IBM? Hmmm. --GP)
  • Clif thinks that a USPS bankruptcy will expose big troubles in the currency system, then there will be many more business failures after that, then the currency collapse comes. In 13,000 years of civilization, the coming currency collapse (and its effects) will be unprecedented. The market turmoil to-date is just the beginning of the global depression.
  • Some southern-hemisphere countries will officially move to inter-country exchange of goods in there own currencies, not US dollars.
  • The possibility of an Israeli attack on Iran may be tempered by other factors, but if TPTB do unleash Israel, it will be after global collapse is much more underway.
  • A major solar event—a Carrington-style event that knocks out a large percentage of our electric-grid transformers and our electronics—will be very difficult for the US because of our high-tech existence and the fact that many critical electrical infrastructure components are no longer made in the US.
  • The data suggest that various disasters initiated by TPTB—particularly the Gulf disaster and Fukushima—will eventually cause premature deaths of well over a billion people. By comparison, deaths caused by earth changes will be far fewer.

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Clif High with Suzanne Toro

06 Aug 2011 — In this interview with Clif High, topics include...

  • With many people, including NASA, commenting that the sun is acting odd, Clif reviews the status of Patrick Geryl's theory on cataclysmic solar events. He also discusses the "expando planet" model and then integrates the two concepts to discuss potential disruptive earth-surface events, such as major earthquakes, crustal cracks, and permanent inundation.
  • In addition to the planet responding to the sun's changes, humans may also be affected directly. Possible manifestations include crazy, weird, or catatonic behavior. (Or maybe we're getting a human software upgrade? That's our pet theory! --GP)
  • Our abilities to perceive the core forces of universe are increasing. The trick is in how we deal with the higher level vibrations.
  • The Powers That Be may be trying to capture and retain this increasing energy "within the materium" so the can increase their power. But Clif does not think this is a very productive approach for any consciousness-based being.
  • Regarding the recent "smoking alien" crop circle, Clif discusses how plants may have a role in the development of human consciousness.
  • A lot of meemering is going on with respect to the "Elenin" phenomenon, and Clif finds it very weird. Not that the comet itself seems like a big deal, just the big deal being made of it is unusual.
  • As the Anglo-American Ponzi-style economic empire collapses, the physical presence of the empire (i.e. military bases all over the world) will contract.
  • Europe is about to come apart: a financial crunch will damage the just-in-time food supply chain, which will lead to food riots, which will lead to discovery of long-hidden secrets.
  • Clif's reading of the universal tea leaves is that TPTB have already lost; it's just a matter of the mechanics of the end game playing out. Regardless of the coming details, TPTB and their control structures will not survive. These statements, however, do not mean the rest of us will be without our own problems, or even that we necessarily survive as a civilization.

No longer available from host site.


Clif High Interview on Veritas Radio

10 Jun 2011 — This interview with "time monk" Clif High covers topics that include...

  • The coming market shock will be followed by a shock over how big the shock was. Clif found this pattern in the data to be significant.
  • The output of the sun is shifting from the red/orange/yellow range towards the blue to ultraviolet range. The new "whiter" appearance of the sun reflects this. In the coming years, this may cause a large change in which plants thrive. (In fact, there is evidence that this is already beginning to occur.)   (GP Note: Sun exposure (tanning, burning) has gotten much more intense in the last couple of years. Get your safe sun, but beware the easier burning. Also, reflected light from the moon seems brighter. Aaa-ooooo!)
  • Climate change is likely to drive the northern hemisphere into a new ice age.
  • The Elenin comet is not going to be a planet-killer. Clif also stands by his assertion that Planet X is a disinformation campaign designed to direct attention away from bona fide phenomena—particularly sun changes.
  • The lack of appropriate global response to the very serious disaster at Fukushima may be reflective of an active denial mode emerging in the shombie populace. It's unclear whether this is "natural" (i.e. related to "sun disease" (extra/weird output from the sun)) or manmade (some combination effect due to the various bad stuff from TPTB—GM food, chemtrails, fluoride, etc.).
  • The deep well drilled for BP's Deepwater Horizon well could not have been drilled to stop a slip of the New Madrid fault—the "windshield crack" theory does not scale to a sphere. More likely it was done deliberately to damage the Loop Current, possibly to isolate the northern hemisphere and concentrate ill effects there.
  • The teetering of the global system may be simply reflective of the end of the current global Ponzi scheme. Such ends have happened throughout history, as the mechanics of the given scheme run out of new rubes (money/investors) at the base of the Ponzi pyramid.
  • There may be a new mortgage bailout, but this time with the minions trying to send payments directly to the people. But it will backfire.
  • The "Arab Spring" cannot be classified as either (a) bona fide revolutions or (b) faux revolutions stimulated by TPTB. It is likely both, and even though revolutions are indeed "steerable" (as Lenin said), the true outcome is unpredictable and uncontrollable.
  • Minions such as the Saudi princes or the now-dead CEO Ken Lay are typically clueless that they are minions, not elites, and are expendable. Many minions will be "munched" in the upcoming turmoil. Speculating on questions like "is Ken Lay really still alive?" is a waste of energy.
  • Some scandals featuring celebrities, minions, or elites are natural—due to the egomaniacs' innate weaknesses. But in some cases, they are setups—someone getting thrown to the sharks for whatever advantage it brings TPTB. The increased reporting of such things is very much part of the TPTB's growing distraction theatre. Those who get caught in such setups are pretty dumb—they should know that they are only as safe as their current standing with (or needs of) The Powers That Be.
  • Disclosure about aliens will not be a big deal for many minds on the planet, but those minds that are completely captured by religions that deny the possibility of aliens will be highly disturbed and/or angered.
  • Converging collapsing facets of society—economic, energy, ecosystem—will eventually force the exposure of the truth and who's who of the elite/minion system. An emerging natural harmonization in our part of Universe will help drive this and will play a significant role in the elites losing control of events.

Veritas home page  |  Download/Listen to Hour 1 MP3   1:12:43

FULL SHOW: Sorry, the part-2 audio is now behind the Veritas paywall. We respect Mel's right to control his content.


Clif High Interview on Time Monk Radio Network

04 Jun 2011 — In this exentended MP3 interview with Clif High, predictions and information include...

  • The data suggest a financial market "shock" starting this summer but hitting with full effect in the Sep/Oct timeframe.
  • The "dollar death" is still coming, and because of the wide use of the US dollar, its collapse will have deep global ramifications. The price of silver and real goods will continue to rise, reflecting the eroding value of the dollar.
  • The demise of the EU will occur in summer of 2011. A decisive action in Ireland regarding its debt will be a temporal marker for there being less than a month until the EU's problems begin their blowup.
  • The diaspora meme that shows up in the data may be related to increasing radiation in the Northern Hemisphere from Fukushima as well as climate disruption and the seemingly intentional Gulf oil disaster. Clif thinks TPTB may be deliberately setting up the conditions for mass death in the Northern Hemisphere as they plan to descend into their Southern Hemisphere bunkers. TPTB may be pursuing depopulation as a "logical" response to exhaustion of the earth's resources.
  • The sun is clearly changing from a physics perspective, but it's not clear what the ramifications will be. The technical literature is not particularly encouraging. The "sun disease" meme—which the data suggest will put many into a drooling, catatonic state—has been in the data for a LONG time.
  • The "big ocean wave" created by separation of an Antarctic ice mass is still coming in Fall 2011, but is not likely to feel significant relative to other attention-getting events that will be going on.
  • The data suggest the mass of sheeple is aware that bad stuff is coming but is intentionally retreating into an intentional state of denial.
  • "It's not business; it's just personal".... Clif recounts the actions TPTB took against his brother and how that stimulated his push-back via the Web Bot project.
  • TPTB are discussing a "commerce-only internet"—which would (oh by the way) eliminate free speech and the free flow of information on the internet. This could be an explanation for the "data gap" that begins in May 2013.
  • In his reports, Clif has dropped language and memes associated with "The Powers That Be" because it was becoming dangerous and because he did not want to let them know there was an increasing level of awareness of their plans. Clif thinks that it's no longer possible for TPTB and "normal humanity" to peacefully coexist—something big is going to change.
  • Alien memes are discussed, but there is mostly opinion and speculation, little data and fact.
  • Clif discusses the quickening of time and the thinning of the veil over humanity's awareness of how things really are. He discusses many other fascinating cosmic/consciousness/transformation theories that are simply impossible to summarize here.
  • The next report is scheduled for early July.

Page for streaming audio  |  Download/listen to MP3   2:56:49


Web Bots Predictions - The Shape of Things to Come, Vol. 0, Issue 9

Jan 2011

Sorry -- Summary not a available

To get a copy of the Jan 2011 report—The Shape of Things to Come, v9—visit Half-Past Human site. (In case you're wondering, we make no commission on the sale of Web Bot reports!)


Clif High Interview on TNS Radio

14 Mar 2011 — In this Clif High interview, topics and comments include...

  • Clif expects a release period to run from late March to October. This likely means that the impact of the events in Japan will ease but something worse will take their place—perhaps a really bad earthquake or financial event in the US, or fallout problems finally reaching the West Coast of the US.
  • If radiation does hit the US West Coast, it will not only affect people, it will affect agriculture. If California's farming areas are contaminated, it would have a huge impact on deliveries of fresh food—out-of-season deliveries—to other parts of the nation.
  • The ill winds meme does appear to be related to the potential for radiation releases from Japan's power plants (though it does not mean there will necessarily be actual radiation releases).
  • Based on information from his contacts in Japan, there appears to be an unreported exodus from Japan underway because of the radiation threat.
  • According to George Ure, the data gap MAY relate to the internet going dark, as social/political disruption spreads to more countries. An alternative explanation is that an "intelligently controlled object will approach earth from outer space." But there is too much vagueness in the data to say anything more.
  • Clif discusses the difference between rebellion and revolution, and which type is happening where.
  • By 2013, the concepts of Christianity and monarchy will be faltering, and the UK will be the epicenter of the turmoil.
  • The probability of a Patrick Geryl-style solar-whomp event for planet earth increases through Dec 2012 but then the probability begins to wane. However, Clif disagrees with the concept of 7000-foot-waves washing over mountain ranges and continents. He thinks that unless you're on a coast, you don't have anything to worry about from ocean water. (But you might have plenty to worry about from other types of earth changes.)
  • Regarding the ambassador recall, the data are clear that there is something the US Powers That Be are worried about, but the data are vague on specifics.
  • A lot of really weird stuff will start happening in Oct 2011.
  • GP's favorite Clif statement from this interview: "Winning the lotto is not karmically in your favor!"

Download/Listen   1:30:08


Clif High Interview on Truth Frequency Radio

12 Mar 2011 — Clif reprises his February interview on TFR with a 3.5 hour marathon, chock-full of fascianting information and analyses. Topics include...

  • Clif discusses the Libya rebellion—how much is legitimate freedom fighting, how much has been at the instigation of TPTB. He also discusses the formation of today's Middle East "countries" during the British empire, as well as the global Islamist movement of today.
  • While the Haiti earthquake might have been HAARP-induced, he feels sure the Japan earthquake was not. He thinks that is better explained by the Expando Planet theory. This theory says the sun starts feeding extra energy into earth's core (which is made of plasma, not molten iron); the infused energy gets converted to matter, causing the planet to grow. This has obvious consequences at the surface. Clif discusses the tearing of the earth's surface that is already being observed.
  • He thinks the "ill winds" meme is coming, thanks to Japan's nuclear meltdown. The previous association of ill winds with the Israeli Mistake must have been an artifact of temporal juxtapositioning. Clif also thinks the Japan meltdown will have an enormous impact on the global economy.
  • Clif discusses survival strategies given the potential for bursts of solar output, severe earthquakes, and radical changes in sea level.
  • The solar output is already running much higher than normal, causing plant pathology issues. Chemtrails could actually be an attempt to mitigate the issue.
  • Though the probabilities for many of the potential earth changes are unknown, he feels it's certain that we will have a magnetic pole shift followed by an ice age.
  • New paper-currency schemes are still unfolding, but they will be irrelevant—those who continue to participate in the paper casino will find that, in the end, they have no way to convert the paper into something meaningful.
  • Clif talks about how he is able to absorb and retain so much information—sound mind and sound body! On mediation, he says that once you can control your breath, you can control anything in your body. We all need to meditate!
  • The Powers That Be tried to avert a mass awakening and us-vs.-them war by moving society into the era of cheap thrills and mass media. It worked for a while, but like all good boomerangs...

No longer available from host site.   3:35:14


Clif High Interview on Truth Frequency Radio

19 Feb 2011 — In this interview with Clif High, topics and comments include...

  • Clif describes humans as standing waves in a universe of energy. He says the important concept of entropy makes sense at a Newtonian level but not at the quantum level. Further, the atomic concept of matter is bogus—it's all energy, even at the sub-atomic level.
  • He discusses participative creation of reality and the "common consensus layer of universal support." Events are not preordained, but there are events being effected by aware groups that dominate trends.
  • The Aquarian times will be the era of self-creating knowledge and the herd mentality will fall away.
  • Clif contrasts his approach to the Timewave-0 software.
  • TPTB are trying to intentionally cause food shortages and price unaffordability—this is now manifesting as the food riots and other unrest in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • As the US mortgage crisis worsens, many people may decide to not cooperate with foreclosure and force banks to physically remove them—people not taking to the streets, instead "taking to the couch."

Audio no longer available from host site.   1:35:05


Clif High Interview on Zany Mystic's Fireside Chat

12 Feb 2011 — This interview with Clif High includes...

  • Clif discusses "sun disease," the complex interweaving of sunspot cycles over thousands of years, and the likely effects on earth. The monkeyed-with end date of the Mayan calendar appears to correlate with this period.
  • The Powers That Be are worried about some unknown issue related to space, and fearful that humanity will "wake up too soon."
  • The global revolution will end up freeing long-hidden secrets. The enormity of the secrets revealed will help shock humanity into a more awake state.
  • Humanity may be some sort of prize in the higher level (non-terrestrial) struggle going on.
  • New locations for producing cement—a main underpinning of durable infrastructure—may be correlated with significantly increased disaster-planning activities.
  • Clif reviews his "22 trillion pulses per second" theory of how the universe moves in time, 3-D space, and other dimensions.
  • He thinks HDTV technology may have some built-in behavioral control mechanisms.
  • He thinks we will soon shift back to traditional (non-suppressed) valuations for gold and silver—especially silver, which may see $600/ounce prices.

Download/Listen   1:01:10

More Zany Mystic


Clif High Interview with Suzanne Toro

11 Feb 2011 — In this Web Bot interview, Clif's comments include...

  • The sun's increased activity is contributing to people's general level of stress, depression, and agitation. He thinks the global rev meme is, in part, being driven by this.
  • "Secrets revealed" a la the Vatican are still forecast to shock and wake up a large part of humanity. In general, there is a huge load of revealed secrets coming in 2011.
  • As the aliens meme unfolds, a portion of the populace will be unable to cope and will degrade to drool mode.
  • He speculates about how the reptilian brain core limits the ability of TPTB to understand and predict human behavior. Asymmetrical responses to the evil deeds of TPTB are essential—TPTB can much more easily deal with direct, reflexive approaches.
  • He explains how "harmonics" relate to the "new electrics" meme.
  • Some point out that the US dollar (Federal Reserve Note (FeRN)) is already a de facto global currency, so why would TPTB allow it to collapse (or intentionally collapse it)? He speculates that perhaps the FeRN has achieved its designed purpose and is not needed in the next phase, where (say) TPTB hide out while the sun whomps the rest of us.
  • Echoing the Jains and Terrence McKenna, Clif advises us not to discount any possibility. The universe is not only stranger than we image, it is stranger than we can imagine.

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Clif High Interview on The Kevin Smith Show

07 Feb 2011 — In this Web Bots interview, topics include...

  • Clif recounts the old data as it pertained to 9-11 and whether it was a false-flag op. On the latter point, he cautions us not to lump all "government" or all "military" together—rather, it's much more likely that there is a small, tight cabal within both of those entities that do rogue operations, with the vast majority of government and military personnel being patriotic, righteous, service-oriented folk. However, they are dominated by the power of the cabals.
  • He thinks looking at hegemony as a national issue—US hegemony or otherwise—is wrong. A global network of connected, self-interested operatives is more logical and likely.
  • The host relays some listener criticisms of the Web Bot work and allows Clif to respond.
  • The data predicts possible food riots in 2011 or 2012 in the US—after March 25.
  • Regarding the "2012 apocalypse" concept, he says the data is not clear enough to say for sure what will happen, but the data does tend to suggest enough sun/earth changes that it causes a significant die-off. A lot of the language relates to flooding and coastal inundation. He spends a lot of time discussing various pole shift scenarios, and offers the thought that pole shift vary in intensity, so it may or may not be that disastrous. But—the data suggests that only a small percentage of the populace—less than 1%—is working to get things going again in 2014.
  • Planet X does appear in the data, but the analysis suggests that it's a distraction from the real cause of the coming earth changes (solar activity).
  • He speculates on the possible reasons for the total US Ambassador recall/meeting.
  • A new phase of TPTB crime wave will be to start siphoning off more resources (instead of more money) from the productive economy.

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Clif High Interview on Time Monk Radio Network

04 Feb 2011 — Clif talks about the Bots' findings as they have been presented in the Jan 2011 report. Summary is below.

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Full summary of 04 Feb 2011 interview:

  • Seemingly ceaseless super-storm activity will permeate spring and summer of 2011.
  • The "global revolution" meme will continue heating up through spring 2011, possibly manifesting into a planetary class-based revolution against the ruling elites.
  • The breakdown of the financial system, particularly derivatives and fiat currencies, will be reflected in the currency valuations of silver. Stock markets will "become irrelevant" when the rising price of gold and the falling DJIA cross. The truest marker for the onset of the crash will be less-than-full shelves in the supermarket.
  • Regarding silver, "failure of delivery to a select group" of elites will make manifest the fraud in the derivatives market and will be a trigger point for further financial trouble. As fiat currencies implode, Canada's resource-backed currency will be the last one standing, though a gold-backed pan-Asian currency will also be a player for some unknown period.
  • Government confiscation of precious metals, a la the US confiscation in the 1930s, is unlikely—the circumstances now are much different, with much less traceability of PMs.
  • Clif says to pay attention to sinkholes. (Though we note that his geological understanding of sinkholes if patently wrong.) Activity on the sun will drive geomagnetic changes that will have significant but unpredictable effects. Volcanic air pollution will drive diaspora on a large scale. The periodicity of geological effects says that they are not normal rhythmic occurrences, suggesting that HAARP may be involved to some extent. This may be TPTB trying to stabilize the magnetic shifts, but that is monkey-mind speculation. The New Madrid fault (which runs from the Gulf of Mexico up the Mississippi Valley) is a prime candidate for activity in 2011.
  • Any attempt by TPTB to launch a new world war is unlikely until after the currency chaos. However, their ability to achieve such goals has been diminished—perhaps because of the WikiLeaks releases.
  • The "contamination of meat" thread appears to relate to highly distributed meat, which would seem to exclude organic and local meat.
  • The "shadow government" is actually a "shadow civilization." But what these super-rulers don't realize is that they need the rest of us as part of the matrix, otherwise their approach crumbles.
  • Various factions of elites are indeed making plans to go underground—probably to avoid solar effects—but if they plan to do so long-term, their efforts would be futile, since the human body quickly becomes ill without consistent outdoor time.

Web Bots Predictions - The Shape of Things to Come, Vol. 0, Issue 8

Oct 2010

Sorry -- Summary not a available

To get a copy of the Oct 2010 report—The Shape of Things to Come, v8—visit Half-Past Human site.


Clif High Interview with Suzanne Toro

31 Dec 2010 — Clif reviews the methodology of his Web Bot preditive system and discusses the rather dire preditions for the coming years. He also reviews his concept of the energy-based matrix that is "everything," and offers positive advice for personal action.
GP Comment:  Although many of specific Web Bot predictions have failed to manifest in the last two years, Clif's overall philosphy of "how things really are" is clear, cogent, and compelling; thus, we still highly recommend this material.
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Web Bots Predictions - Summary - The Shape of Things to Come, Vol. 0, Issue 7

15 Aug 2010


This report, which reflects Web Bot data from 3 months out and beyond, still has many similarities to the May and June 2010 reports, which focused on short-term data. That is not to say you should skip reading the full report—at $10, just think of it as a ticket to a sort of Twilight Zone offering in the bizarro theatre of the small screen.

Predictions from This Report

Here are some of the top points from the Aug 15, 2010 Web Bot report:

  • Readers should keep in mind that the Web Bot technique biases towards the negative, so predictions are almost always more dire than eventual reality.
  • The big tipping point period of 8-11 November 2010 will likely include the "shock and awe" of war and/or terror attacks, as well as social and economic upheaval. The war is likely to feature Israel/Iran and the long-predicted "Israeli mistake"—possibly a false flag attack on American troops—and may broaden to planet-wide war.
  • Though the November 2010 tipping point period will be the peak of satisfaction for TPTB (with their plans working well), things thereafter will start going much less well for them. Their woes include trouble for the royals; a reduction in cash flow for the "hidden hand" (super-elite) of TPTB; more outing of hidden priest sex scandals (and other unsavory criminal activity); infighting between major factions of TPTB; and a general weakening of their insidious control structures.
  • "Sudden catastrophic climate change"—mostly driven by increased solar output—is predicted for Winter 2010/2011, with freakishly strong storms and weird weather, as well as displacement of populations and an impact on food production. Piling on in 2011 will be earth changes such as fires, earthquakes, mud slides, and epic, permanently inundating floods.
  • As TPTB shut off the money spigot, economic troubles deepen, even to the point where many homes and public buildings end up "going dark and dry" for failure to pay utility bills. Data suggests that a great crash of American financial empire will have occurred by mid-Dec 2010, with real estate falling much further, precious metals markets becoming unhinged, and physical silver in short supply.
  • The 2010 US elections will make obvious that the outcome is irrelevant because the Rothschild/Rockefeller control of the political system and media propaganda system is so thorough. During the Nov 2010 tipping period, the US president may invoke a state of emergency under the War Powers Act, thus creating a de facto martial law state without ever officially declaring it.


These bullets summarize the most important points only in the first half of the report. Much nuance and detail is left out, and the second half of the report contains many interesting points. We hope this teaser both informs you and prompts you to support Clif's important work by buying a copy of the report— for just the cost of a movie ticket and the gas to get there.

To get a copy of the August 2010 report—The Shape of Things to Come, v7—visit Half-Past Human site.


Clif High on One Radio Network

08 Sep 2010 — In this interview with Clif High...

  • he says we're still on track to see the economy "flushed";
  • he explains the linguistics related to "$600 silver";
  • he discusses the possibility of economic issues and massive war activity/devastation a la the Nov 8-11 tipping point;
  • he says the Aug 1 solar event is a fulfillment of Patrick Geryl's calculations/predictions about coming major solar events and it has TPTB's minions very worried;
  • he says there are still-to-come, planet-threatening effects from the Gulf oil leak;
  • he reviews a general framework for the chaotic transformation that is coming.

NOTE: You need a free One Radio Network account to listen/download their MP3s.

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Clif High on TNS Radio

30 Aug 2010 — Clif High discusses his methodology and some of the main themes of the last few ALTA reports, including multiple dollar devaluation episodes in the next two years; the data gap as it may relate to a solar event is shutting down internet use (or most of the electrical grid) between 2012-2013; major earthquake and volcanic activity pending in 2010; the need for asymmetric, non-violent approaches to dealing with TPTB; the possibility of "space alien wars" in Oct 2011; the massive Nov 8-11, 2010 tipping point—possibly involving the start of global war, initially with Israel attacking Iran.

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Web Bots Predictions - Summary - The Shape of Things to Come, Vol. 0, Issue 6

21 Jun 2010


In the preamble to our summary of the May 2010 Web Bot report, we noted that the Web Bot "misses" of 2009 had been replaced by strong Web Bot "hits" in 2010, with the language having been strikingly fulfilled on a number of fronts, especially by the oil volcano disaster.

As events with the oil volcano have continued to unfold (and worsened), the fulfillment of the 2009 report language has deepened. The correlating language includes upwelling from the sea floor, ocean death, increasing public awareness of ocean health, ill winds, public exasperation at the ineffectiveness of government. All these things, plus the set-to-blow financial situation—another hit, even if it's a year late—have us here at Grinning Planet a little freaked out over how seemingly on-track the Web Bot predictions now are. That's not a complaint—it's a blessing to be able to get a glimpse of the future as a reflection in the mirror crack'd, no matter how wild and wooly that future is predicted to be.

There are no guarantees that the May and June 2010 Web Bot reports are accurate representations of the future—indeed, there are still a few points that we think will prove to be misreadings of the data (or maybe false flags from Universe!). But given the uncanny correlation of unfolding events with previous Bot predictions, one is well advised to make the Web Bots' predicted trends part of the information mix that informs your critical thinking and decision making.

The Predictions

Here are some of the top points from the Jun 21, 2010 Web Bot report:

  • The term "radioactive" is connected to the oil volcano, though the meaning of the connection is not specified. A crescendo in the oil volcano meme will begin in early August and continue into September. It then ramps up again in October. The "ill winds"—toxic and/or radioactive air pollution released because of the oil volcano—will cause illness and are likely to cause many deaths directly. They will also provoke a diaspora from the southeast US, which will be chaotic and fatal for many.
  • Secrets may be revealed that indicate the oil volcano was a planned disaster, designed to cause the diaspora and massive suffering. (Indeed, BP and the government have been very secretive and weird about the whole thing. --GP) Regardless, at some point, a pissed-off populace will begin to exact retribution killings on those thought to be responsible for the oil volcano, as well as against the banksters, whose schemes will be finally seen for what they are—a covert enslavement of the populace.
  • Beyond the oil volcano, other major terra events are predicted to wrack the planet, including unusually strong earthquake activity, mudslides, flood events, and very bad weather such that transportation is notably disrupted, food shortages emerge, and the stability of the Antarctic ice mass is threatened.
  • A large spasm of solar activity is likely for late summer and may cause blindness and madness in some, as well as electrical failures, "madness of the machines," freak lightning, destructive earthquakes.
  • By early August, a serious unemployment wave will manifest, and by September, the MSM's continuing lies about how "things are getting better" will be obvious to everyone. The populace is predicted to grow more desperate, revolution-minded, and violent.
  • By fall, the call for the abolishment of the currency system run by the central banking cabal gains serious momentum. When the system does finally fall, the effects of the crash—a period of hyperinflation? shortages of precious metals and silver at $600/ounce?—induce shock in the populace and in wealthy elites alike. In the populace, a countertrend eventually emerges wherein people intentionally begin living "non-moneyed" lives.
  • The first part of August 2010 is said to include "12 days of torment" for the Obama administration. The causes of this "long night of the soul" may include issues related to the oil volcano, the currency system, and/or Israel. The decisions made during this period create the conditions for the tipping point later in the year.
  • Though the problem with North Korea is predicted to improve, the "Israeli mistake" is still on track and still a prominent item. The mistake, combined with a new awareness in the US and the world of the evil behavior of the Zionist cabal that dominates Israel, will ultimately lead to the destruction [sacrifice] of Israel as part of a new world war ("coming soon").
  • Beyond the chaos: by Spring 2011, a regeneration process will have begun.

Apocalypse Now?

The first sentence in the report's conclusion says: "We (humans) are all doomed." This apocalyptic pronouncement came as a surprise when we read it. The report, though it predicts a lot of difficult events ahead, also offers good things: the destruction of the enslaving money system, the fall of TPTB, and the rise of a new way.

Hmmm. Perhaps, as some others in the woo-woo world have suggested, our coming transformation is literal, and at some point we will have transitioned to something new—something wonderfully cool but utterly non-human. Yeah, let's go with that. :-)

Don't Take Our Word For It...

Though we have covered many of the report's main predictions here, there is much nuance that cannot be properly communicated in a one-page summary of a 35-page report. Plus, we have intentionally left out some absolutely delicious details about predicted comeuppances for TPTB, as well as some important information about how and where some of the more dangerous conditions are predicted to develop.

So we urge you, beg you—spend the $10 and get a copy of this report—The Shape of Things to Come, v6—for yourself at the Half-Past Human site. Universe is calling...


Clif High on Coast To Coast

26 Ju1 2010 — In this interview, Clif High says...

  • New short-term data sets indicate a major earthquake in the NW coast of the US for the end of July/beginning of August.
  • TPTB have apparently decided to begin the next phase of the economic collapse—they'll be allowing certain derivatives to go bust in August, which will trigger other problems.
  • More broadly, TPTB are engaging a four-pronged attack on the populace: (1) unnatural natural disasters (using HAARP and other advanced technologies); (2) a clampdown on internet and the flow of information; (3) manipulation of money, trashing of economy, and impoverishment of the masses; (4) false flag attacks and global war.

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Clif High on Rense Radio

24-Jun-2010 — At the time, the March 2010 Web Bots report predicted coming trouble in the oceans—an upwelling from the ocean floor, "ocean death," and a great increase in public awareness of the importance of ocean health. Clif discusses this "hit" and many other issues related to the oil volcano and how it will play out in the future. Specific topics in this interview with Clif High include...

  • Rense reviews some of the language from the March report, pointing out language what has been (or looks likely to be) fulfilled by the oil volcano and related issues (though he clearly stretches on some "hits").
  • Clif says that the military is likely using HAARP technology to make sure hurricanes don't worsen the situation in the Gulf this summer. The blowback is that it will change weather patterns and may cause droughts in parts of the US.
  • Clif thinks a better use of this technology would be to stimulate a major earthquake to shut the oil volcano sooner rather than later. Such an event is predicted by the language to happen 19 months from the start of the leak. But why not do it now?
  • He believes TPTB know a mass evacuation is coming (because of toxic air pollution) but are not talking about it for fear the news will crash financial markets. Because of the unplanned, hurry-up nature of the diaspora, as well as the shear numbers of people affected, it will be very, very difficult, and fatal for many.
  • The energetic interactions between earth and sun are adding to the problem in the Gulf, including driving the high pressure of the oil reservoir.
  • The first 12 days of August are likely to present extraordinary challenges for the Obama administration ("twelve days of torment").
  • The "data gap" is still there—Mar 2012 through May 2013. This implies that something bad will happen that, at a minimum, disrupts normal human communications for a period of time.
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Web Bots Predictions - Summary - The Shape of Things to Come, Vol. 0, Issue 5

25 May 2010

Web Bot Accuracy Reaffirmed

In our summary of the Mar 2010 Web Bot report, we noted that many of the big-ticket predictions from the previous (2009) reports and alerts had failed to materialize in any significant manner. Though the Web Bots' predictions of trends were pretty good, specific major predictions tied to specific dates had failed to manifest.

Well, some big-ticket predictions are now coming to pass. Most notably, the "oil volcano" in the Gulf of Mexico fulfills the language for upheaval of the ocean floor and ocean death (yes, the situation is that serious). The bungling by BP and the US government is well on the way to fulfilling the prediction that the government would come to be seen as inept, completely incapable of responding effectively in an emergency. The oil leak and the response have reaffirmed the core accuracy of Clif's work.

It is still fair to say that dated predictions by Clif or anyone else should be taken with a grain of salt. (Even Clif says this!) It's better to focus on major predicted trends and assume there is a lot of play in the dates. That said, given the apocalyptic nature of the scenarios in this new Web Bot report, everyone should be proceeding now at full speed to create a resilient household (and, in some cases, perhaps, to relocate).

May 2010 Report -- Synopsis

To be fair to Clif and his work, we will provide only a brief summary of some of the top points from the latest report—The Shape of Things to Come, v5. We STRONGLY urge you to read the original report for yourself. It is available for a mere $10 on the HalfPastHuman site.

Some of the Web Bot predictions include:

  • The "oil volcano" in the Gulf of Mexico will continue to worsen, likely becoming the worst environmental disaster in recorded history. A bad hurricane season in the Gulf may add to the scale and nature of the disaster by further spreading the oil pollution in the seas and contaminating the region's air and land (including areas inland). Harvests from the Gulf and regional farms will be seriously affected. The pollution and the possibility that the US government will eventually use a "nuclear option" to close the leak may lead to a massive diaspora from the surrounding areas.
  • The need for blame-shifting will cause a rift between US minion politicians and their masters, The Powers That Be. This will prove problematic for both classes. Anger at the oil volcano and the ineptitude of the response will eventually feed the trend towards revolution in the US.
  • July through September will see extreme worsening of financial conditions as the "death of currencies" process accelerates. This will negatively impact food supplies, civil order, unemployment, and more. At some point there will be hyperinflation in food, energy, and precious metals, but within a broader severe deflationary trend in just about everything else.

At the end of the report, Clif presents a number of scenarios, each of which could fit the data. Each is civilization-changing. Here is an example so you get the idea:

By August, the oil volcano has gotten so bad, the nuclear option is put on the table. Having seen the horrors unleashed by the oil volcano itself and now fearing further disaster when the nukes are set off, massive numbers of people in the US Gulf states flee, as do people in Mexico and other surrounding non-US areas. This diaspora, plus crushing economic effects from the collapsing currency systems, cause a level of social suffering that is currently unimaginable. The nuclear bombs are finally set off in November but fail to close the leak. However, they do set off massive earthquakes, including a devastating one related to the New Madrid fault in the central US. The masses have finally had enough, and the War Between the Populace and TPTB commences.

As Clif frames his scenarios, other postulated events could be added or swapped in by Universe; or, Clif says, there could be new, currently unforeseen events that drive the real scenario. The bottom line is that major doo-doo is coming.

Finally, a few months into 2012, civilization will have largely navigated to a transformed state in terms of our heads and hearts and wallets. But the events of the preceding two years will have left more than a billion dead.

Get the Full Story

You can't get all that you need to know just from this synopsis. We strongly urge you to buy the latest report from HalfPastHuman so you can see the full information.

Remember to get cracking on your resilient household, and keep up-to-date via our weekly audio news download page.


Clif High comment on 'oil volcano' to Mel of Veritas Radio

May 2010 — In this short comment, read by Mel, Clif says that future missteps on the part of BP and the US government in dealing with the oil volcano in the Gulf of Mexico will be the likely trigger of the US diaspora (predicted in several of the recent web bot reports). The US southeast is the likely epicenter of the exodus. A very high global death toll may also be in part associated with the effects of the oil volcano.

Download/Listen   1:45
More Veritas Show


Web Bots Predictions - Summary - The Shape of Things to Come, Vol. 0, Issue 4

12 MAR 2010

To be fair to Clif and his work, we will provide only a brief summary of the top points from the latest report (v4). We STRONGLY urge you to read the original report for yourself. It is available for $10 on the HalfPastHuman site.

Before we offer our summary, we have a few comments...

Web Bot Accuracy and Relevance

While the Web Bot predictions have been uncannily accurate in a number of cases—most notably calling the October 2008 financial crash to within a day—their performance in the last year has been far less impressive, with a number of big-ticket predictions failing to materialize, at least at the advertised level:

  • The "Summer of Hell" last year was more like the Summer of Heck.
  • The "derivatives meltdown" forecast for Jul/Aug 2009 was notably non-melty. (A derivatives unwinding may have actually been set up at that point—the Chinese announced that they would not be honoring any fraudulent derivatives contracts (which is basically all of them). But there was no "meltdown.")
  • The big-tipping point announced for Oct 25-Nov 4 2009—supposedly an economic event serious enough that it would have the same emotional impact as 9/11—did not tip.

While we at Grinning Planet are pleased that "the end of the world as we know it" has been put off for a little bit—we still have preps to finish!—2009 was not a good year for Web Bot accuracy.

Still, we are among the growing legion of planetary citizens who easily recognize the lies of the corporate media, the constant prevarications of the political poltroon class, the hoo-hah of the Hollywood-Madison Avenue axis of weevils, and the outright wrongness of the empire-driven model that The Powers That Be have foisted on us. To us, the overall trends forecast in the Web Bot reports "feel right" and their vision of the future remains compelling (if terrifying).

Our bottom line is this: Web Bot Predictions and Clif High interviews are intriguing information that is a valid part of a basket of information designed to inform one's assessment of general trends, but they are not proving to be particularly useful as timeline-specific predictors of events.

One more thing: If one were to take the Web Bot predictions at face value, there would be an obvious need to prepare at a breakneck pace for difficult coming events. However, you don't need to rely only on material from the woo-woo world to see that trouble is coming and to think that getting more prepared is a good idea. See Grinning Planet's own 2010 trends/predictions and our article on The Resilient Household. For a steady stream of relevant, non-propaganda info in MP3 format, see our weekly audio news download page.

Now, on with the summary of the Web Bot report...

Overall Themes

Dominant intersecting themes in this report are: earthquakes, volcanoes, and weird weather; economic problems for governments, universities, corporations, and banks; high levels of unemployment; problems with food-system trouble; social disorder, tax revolts, and revolutionary trends; secrets revealed.

Notably missing from this report are some buzz words and themes that were important in previous ALTA reports, Clif interviews, and special notices. These include: a pole shift on earth; "ill winds"; flu/vaccine issues; the "Dog Poet."


With regard to economics, the predicted trouble is deep and wide. The issues include: a meltdown in commercial real estate; a banking system lock-up by early summer; US dollar death and global currency crisis; collapse of the US government; a reinforcing feedback loop of unemployment and bankruptcies; immigrants returning to their country of origin due to inflation and lack of jobs in Western countries.

In the "secrets revealed" area: a push to tax churches leads to discovery of shocking secrets about organized religion; exposure of hidden 2012 knowledge is especially noteworthy and helps to propel revolution.

The earth and sun play a big role in things over the next year: higher levels of solar intensity; 6-8 massive earthquakes in 2010, with unusual volcanic activity; weird/extreme weather; a shutdown of ocean currents and resulting climatic shifts.

Food system impacts are caused by economic problems, weather problems, higher levels of solar radiation (which damage plants and ocean), and a lack of farm labor. This leads high inflation in food prices, food shortages, and food riots.

Revolution will begin to emerge in 2010: tax revolts occur after Apr 15; the thematic/intellectual framework for revolution and reformation of government emerges after Jul 8; the revolution meme really picks up from Jul-Nov 2010 as a "war against the bankers/corporatists" emerges; a "populace government" form over the period Nov 2010 through Dec 2011. There are large hurdles and dangers to be overcome but the overall sense of the data is hopeful.


We have summarized only SOME of the key findings in the 60-page v4 report, intentionally leaving out some important items and dates. We strongly urge you to buy the latest report from so you can see the full information. For $10—the cost of a fast-food breakfast + a fast-food lunch—you can get a slightly cloudy but very cool window on the future.

Do you know someone who would find this page interesting? Please forward it to them.


Clif High on Veritas Radio (1st hour only)

24 Apr 2010 — In this first-hour interview with Clif High, predictions/comments include...

  • The data do not predict internment camps for US citizens, but some contract-run prisons may shut down due to economic failure, with some prisoners being released and some being transferred.
  • Clif discusses his article on The Word and says it would be more of a sung sound (harmonic) rather than an actual word; that is, a specific vibratory pattern that would act as a key to a lock.
  • Any civil violence is likely to be instigated by false-flag operations by TPTB. The Powers That Be know how to deal with physical threats, so violent responses by We The People are likely to just be playing into TPTB's hands. Thus, it is to TPTB's advantage to covertly instigate such actions. Clif recommends asymmetric responses—opposite to expectations of linear (reptilian) thought processes.
  • The "sun disease" is as likely to be subtle mind perturbations as it is to be physical effects. The "energies from space" are probably on a magnitude bigger than could be generated by our sun—they will be more at a galactic level. Still, physical radiation damage may be a problem for plants, leading to food shortages.
  • The disruptive Icelandic volcano is just the beginning—there are more to come this year.
  • Rather than being a secret plan to poison the populace, chemtrails may actually be intended to help us survive unknown radiation threats from above. (GP note: Notice how much hotter the sunshine is on your skin after a good rainstorm? Hmmm....)
  • Clif sees devastating deflation coming—more than the PTB have intended or can deal with.
  • Clif admits that the future data gap could be his death (assassination).

Download/Listen   1:11:36

Veritas' Clif High page


Clif High on One Radio Network

20 Apr 2010 — In this interview with Clif High, highlights include...

  • Clif explains the "Return Current Flow" relationship between the sun and the earth. He also talks about the scientific and anthropological evidence for period planetary catastrophes (keyphrase: "angry sun face").
  • The Iceland volcano is part of the fulfillment of the earth changes language.
  • There is no "best place to be" relative to upcoming geologic turmoil—if Universe wants you in a certain place, to live or die, that's what will happen.
  • He explains how the archetype/linguistics approach works.
  • He emphasizes that we must abandon the "matter" concept of things—it's all energy.

NOTE: You need a free One Radio Network account to listen/download their MP3s.

PART 1:  Download/Listen   32:37
PART 2:  Download/Listen   48:10


Clif High Chat on Godlike Productions

07 Apr 2010 — In this Web Bots interview, Clif takes listener questions, getting into a few things that he has not discussed much in past interviews. Topics and predictions include...

  • Regarding 2012, the data gap suggests big bad things. It's possible that the gap is an artifact related to Web Bot programming choices made a decade ago, but that's not likely. At a minimum, an issue with extraordinary solar activity seems probable.
  • Currency issues may trigger a sharp rise in the price of silver in July 2010, though those holding silver may be unable to translate any profits into dollars.
  • The November 2010 tipping-point period, because it extends over 4 days, promises to be very significant—even more so than the tipping point related to 9/11/2001.
  • One listener asked if TPTB have the technology to holographically create (fake) the second coming of Christ. Clif says they likely have the technology but most people who would believe the illusion would be predisposed to believe in the eventuality of such an event.
  • Clif says his biggest "things to keep an eye on" are: emergence of a large number of solar prominences, especially persistent ones; a huge increase in earthquakes in the 4-6 range; some sort of massive electrical discharge or exchange at the solar system level.
  • Clif sees some language related to a military draft but it could mean a number of different things, not just "Uncle Sam wants you."
  • He talks quite a bit about hyperchronism and explains why he thinks true time travel is not possible.
  • Clif speculates about who The Powers That Be really are, narrowing it down to "people who attend the Bilderberg meetings." (For GP's thoughts on this subject, see our diagram of The Powers That Be.)

Download/Listen   1:20:09


Clif High on Beyond the Ordinary

06 Apr 2010 — In this interview with Clif High, topics include...

  • Clif gives his take on the power arrangements of TPTB with other-density entities.
  • Because of the fractal nature of things, the control and enrichment actions taken by TPTB will ultimately boomerang and undo them.
  • In July, we will reach a revolution fork in the road where we will choose either a violent approach (which TPTB want because they know how to deal with that) or non-violent resistance (which TPTB are largely powerless against).
  • Clif thinks global population levels are not a problem; it's only that we're inefficient with how we use food and other resources. (GP comment: That's sort of true, but it's important to refute the uber-capitalist notion that best the way to reduce pollution and suffering everywhere is to simply let the free market make everyone rich. That's a stratagem and a lie.)
  • He discusses the possibility that the "Obama space summit" will discuss disclosure of alien contact—because there's just too much information out there to deny it much longer.
  • One of the most important things people must do is to continue learning, continue thinking, continue improving awareness, and then to project your understanding to others and to universe. (Oh, and control that monkey mind of yours! And stock up on pies!)

Download/Listen   59:01

BTO home page


Clif High and George Ure on Coast to Coast

01 Apr 2010 — In this first interview since the release of the v4 report, Clif High and George Ure speak with George Noori. Topics and predictions include...

  • There is a reduced probability of war between Israel and Iran, at least until November 2010.
  • Clif reviews the "time bubble" effect.
  • Weird weather this summer will be an important driver in farming problems and food shortages, though the exact nature of the weather problem is unclear.
  • The economy will get worse; the Second Great Depression will deepen. In the second half of 2010, there will be a "desperation move" in the US to tax church income and property.
  • The big gap between the amount of gold and silver promised through financial markets and the actual amount of physical metal available is a bubble waiting to pop, as the recent whistleblower on manipulation of the silver market shows.
  • Six "great earthquakes" (defined in terms of impact to humans) are still to come during 2010.
  • The revolution meme continues to emerge. From July 8, 2010 onward, civil unrest will rise, possibly driven by food shortages and price increases as well as the devaluation of the dollar. After March 2011, the revolution wave will shift towards reformation.
  • A major tipping point is predicted to occur November 8-11, 2010. The tipping point appears to be US-centric and is of the type "things are different afterward" (similar to the tipping point that occurred for 9-11 in 2001). This MAY relate to the collapse of the dollar as the world's reserve currency.
  • A "data gap" from early 2012 through May 2013 has persisted in the data sets over the years. Even as the time approaches, the gap has not shifted much. That improves the odds that the gap represents something real—and big. One possible explanation is that a coronal mass ejection or other solar activity will send civilization back to a pre-electronic state.
  • Best advice for 2010: Buy silver. Buy supplies. Plant a garden. A big one. Buy books. Learn skills.

HOUR 1:  Download/Listen   1:00:00
HOUR 2:  Download/Listen   1:00:00
HOUR 3:  Download/Listen   1:00:00

(1) The MP3s above are mirrors of KSFO's full-hour MP3's, thus the clips contain news and commercials along with content. The meaty portions run roughly from 10:00-29:00 and 38:00-58:00.
(2) You can see Coast To Coast pages for this interview or a list of latest shows.


Web Bots Predictions - Summary - The Shape of Things to Come, Vol. 0, Issue 3

06 DEC 2009

To be fair to Clif and his excellent work with the Web Bots Predictions project, we provide only a brief summary of the top points from the latest report. We STRONGLY urge you to read the original report for yourself. It is available for $10 on the HalfPastHuman site.

You may run across free copies of the Web Bot reports on the internet. These are not to be trusted—it is suspected that they are modified versions being used as disinformation by The Powers That Be.

Now, on to the summary of major Web Bot Predictions in the Dec 2009 report...

Death of the Dollar and Financial Collapse

The death of the dollar is on for 2010, with a "lockdown crisis" predicted before the vernal equinox, and with (apparently) simultaneous hyperinflation and deflation beyond that. This will impact US markets and the federal government severely, putting great stress on the "central banking/warfare model," de-funding many black ops, and eventually taking down federal entitlement programs like social security. All global financial markets and societies will be negatively affected.

Many state and local governments will be forced into massive layoffs, with some local government entities folding entirely. Pension funds will fail, leading to the failure of insurance companies. Large numbers in the US will see a "shocking plunge into poverty." Hunger, desperation, anger, and the threat of gold/silver confiscation will prompt riots.

The dollar collapse will drive price spikes and shortages of some commodities by the end of 2010, notably food and energy. The shortages and social disruption are a key part of TPTB's plan for consolidating global power.

Sun, Climate, and Pole Shift

"Secrets revealed" continues to be a driving force in unfolding events. Most notably, Clif has climbed aboard the Climate Skeptic bandwagon, assigning the ClimateGate emails to the secrets-revealed category and calling the concept of manmade global warming a complete fabrication. (See sidebar for GP comment.) The report nonetheless predicts serious climate disruptions in 2010 due to solar system changes.

A gap in the data from March 2012 through May 2013 suggests a planetwide disruption in the normal level of human communication. The cause is unknown but could be a coronal mass ejection from the sun, pole-shift effects on earth, or other society-disrupting earth changes.

The Powers That Be vs. Humanity

2010-2011 will be an intense period of struggle between TPTB and the masses, as TPTB try to avert loss of control. A number of countervailing forces will emerge against TPTB, including a non-violent "revolutionary self-organizing collective," a quiet coup by a group of military officers, and powerful "expanded-consciousness" entities (the gnosine).

TPTB fear a mass awakening of humans to the truth of their own nature and the facts of TPTB's control mechanisms.


Someone hacked (or leaked) a batch of emails that included a few messages between several prominent climate researchers strongly suggesting they were phonying some of their data. Skeptics say this is the smoking gun, proving that climate change is all a hoax, a giant conspiracy.

We at GP are always willing to consider conspiracies. We also agree that scientists (in all fields) sometimes do stupid things and, on occasion, fudge their data. But the idea that that there is some broad conspiracy among tens of thousands of scientists to fake all global warming data seems nearly impossible given the sheer volume of data and number of scientists involved in climate research. (We do, however, think there is something rotten about cap and trade—see Global Warming Hoaxes and Conspiracies.)

We respect Clif and his work, but he has in the past misidentified some things. It remains to be seen whether his assertion that manmade global warming is a sham will turn out to be one of those things. One thing is for sure, if he's right about a coming pole shift in 2012, the long-term effects of climate change, as serious as they may be, will not be on anyone's radar a few years from now.



We have summarized only SOME of the key findings in the v3 report, intentionally leaving out some important items. If your reaction to the above information is "oh my god," not "oh yeah right," then we strongly urge you to buy the latest report for yourself so you can see the rest of the information as well as additional detail on the above predictions. See

Do you know someone who would find this page interesting? Please forward it to them.


Clif High on Veritas Radio

18 Dec 2009 (aired 20 Dec) — This interview with Clif High includes the items below. NOTE: Only the first hour is available for free; the other two hours are behind a pay wall.

  • Clif notes that there have been a number of questionable deaths among TPTB minions, which the language predicted.
  • He thinks the Norway "missile" was a projection of some sort, not an object.
  • He explains in more detail his plan to help Gary McKinnon.
  • Clif gives his take on the validity of the time-travel and Mars information presented by Andrew Basiago (on YouTube).
  • He discusses the word filtering he must do avoid data contamination from the entertainment world. He also talks about how his program deals with foreign languages.
  • The earth changes entity is the now the weightiest part of the data stream. Cliff says problems are likely to include a major cracking of the Pacific plate. He also talks about the significance of the 19.5 degree number for earth changes.
  • He discusses a prediction of extreme cold this winter in parts of North America.
  • Clif dismisses the idea of manmade global warming and says the data suggest the push to tax carbon will get lost in the coming chaos.

Veritas' Clif High page
Download/Listen - no longer available   1:10:13


Clif High on MIT Real News Student Radio

20 Dec 2009 — In this interview with Clif High, insights include...

  • Clif reminds us that ALTA stands for Asymmetric Language Trends Analysis, and defines his work as halfway between predictions and prophesy in terms of style.
  • China has said the world cannot possibly absorb the huge amount of treasury notes the US needs to have purchased in the coming months to remain solvent. The Fed and treasury may conspire to "buy their own debt," but this will ultimately lead to the collapse of the dollar, possibly by July 2010. At that point, the planet-wide social unrest/revolution will be in full swing and will continue for several years.
  • The amount of energy past societies put into preparing warnings to leave for future civilizations regarding a cataclysm in 2012 suggests legitimacy. Clif also offers some evidence from archeology and mythology that is consistent with similar past events having occurred according to a recurring timetable.
  • Assuming 2012 is going to bring some sort of cataclysmic earth changes, TPTB want to wait until close to the end to retreat to their (supposedly) safe places—lest we expendable people have enough time to grab our metaphorical shovels and dig them out. (GP side note: It would be just like TPTB to play up Dec 21, 2012 as the date for "the big problem, knowing all along that it will happen sooner, thus faking out the populace and retaining the advantage of surprise.)
  • The "new electrics" won't be coming online until 2013—after the chaos of the earth changes—though important related events already started in 2009.
  • Clif suspects that Gary McKinnon will be illegally extradited to the US and suicided.
  • Clif thinks zero-point energy was first achieved in 1956 by the shadow ops, who have been working to perfect the technology ever since. Current, already extant applications include military "space ships." He suggests people view some of Ed Grimsley's YouTube videos to see some of the amazing things going on in the night sky outside the visible range.

Go to page  |  Download/Listen   31:22


Clif High Interview on Captain Jack/Badlands Radio

18 Dec 2009 — In this interview with Clif High, topics include...

  • Clif sees Climategate and the falling apart of the COP-15 climate talks as a firm hit for his Space Goat Farts / "officially denied" subset. For now, this displaces his expected Next Big Thing in Space Goat Farts, which would have been alien/contact related (though that is still in the data for the future).
  • (Side comment: In a separate moment, Clif damages his credibility by invoking one of the common global-warming red herrings—assigning a notable cold weather event as some sort of proof that man-caused global warming is bogus. He should know better; or, if he does know better, he should be more cautious in his jokes.)
  • Clif says the "Norway missile" was clearly a hyper-dimensional manifestation, probably a weapon or a communications/transportation experiment—but not a rocket of any kind.
  • Clif reiterates his mathematical verification of Patrick Geryl's calculations that show a major sunspot cycle will go whoop-ass on earth within the next few years. Additionally, the earth is actually expanding as part of the process.
  • Clif comments on the sun's magnetic squeeze, the sunspot cycle, how sunspots occur between 19-33 degrees of latitude, and how that translates into the number 33 being encoded in important human things like the highest Free Mason degree and the placement of important cities on 33 degrees latitude.
  • Clif has calculated that if our modern society were to put as much effort into repeating the mathematical warnings the ancient societies (Mayans, Hindus, etc.) encoded for us, it would be the equivalent of every major city building a replica of the cathedral at Notre Dame. That's how important the ancient societies saw the warnings.
  • The demise of the dollar as a fiat currency, which has been overdue since Nixon was forced to decouple the dollar from gold, will happen quickly once it starts. The "secrets revealed" pattern will begin within weeks after the end of the dollar.
  • Clif believes we're going to have "one helluva revolution." But regarding martial law as a method of suppressing such nascent activities, Clif thinks an imposition of military personnel on the people of the US does not work mathematically based on the number of actual combat troops available.
  • Clif points out that the coming economic collapse (related to the death of the dollar) presages billions of people perishing. His gut feel is that in the US rural areas will be no better off than cities. (GP comment: Mega-farms will indeed collapse as their debts overwhelm them, and rural economies will get hammered along with the big debt-based farms. But regardless of location, people who know how to garden and preserve food will be better off. Related GP pages: Food Security article and Food-Gardening Books)
  • Clif points out that once the petro-dollar has failed, people in the US will have to offer something of actual value to get oil and other imports. This will be a big problem.
  • Clif notes that even as grain stores are at all-time lows, TPTB are allowing remaining grain reserves to be used for biofuels, virtually guaranteeing mass starvation in the future.
  • Jack correctly notes that there is an ongoing attack on small and independent farmers who sell directly to consumers. The gov-corp cabal is trying to suppress the small-farm and direct-to-consumer business models in favor of the corporate-ag/grocery giants. Clif agrees that this is part of the overall control architecture but thinks that the villainous plan will ultimately fail within the umbrella of the coming chaos, noting that seed exchanges are already on the rise, guerilla gardeners are on the increase, and a food black market is inevitable. (GP comment: People—start investigating your options!)
  • Asked for one recommendation that listeners should act on, Clif says: Food and water. Learn how to grow food, and learn how to preserve food without killing yourself.
  • Last word: Drink green tea! It's good for you!

Download/Listen   1:15:02


Clif High on RBN/Common Sense

13 Dec 2009 — In this interview with Clif High, topics, comments, and observations include...

  • Clif gives his take on the events that occurred during Oct 25-Nov 5 that could be views as "hits" related to the predictions from the previous ALTA report, which some Web Bot followers consider to have been much less significant/accurate than predicted.
  • The "missile over Norway" event may have been a Russian demonstration of a capability/weapon to create a null zone where reality does not exist.
  • A caller offers that his father worked in black ops research and told him they were working on things that were 40-50 years more advanced that the publicly allowed state of the art.
  • Clif thinks that within the next two years there will be a leak related to "ancient technology," possibly of alien origin. He think the world's shadow ops have been actively trying to deter hostile alien activities on earth for the last half-century.
  • As a new world war is manufactured by TPTB, part of the military will rebel.
  • Clif discusses the accuracy of measuring carbon dioxide levels from ice cores. He rejects the concept that reducing manmade CO2 is a solution to coming climate changes. He supports James Lovelock's assertion that a too-hot planet is our worse case—it could be a planet killer. He says an occasional ice age is needed to keep the planet balanced.
  • The data indicate it's more likely than not that a shift of earth's magnetic poles (initiated by extra-planetary forces) will leads to a rotational shift and a crustal shift. He also discusses the relevance of the Great Pyramid's engineering to the planet's physical characteristics.
  • While some analysts of the pole-shift issue predict 800-mile-per-hour winds, Clif thinks there are physical limits that would prevent winds that high (though 200 miles per hour would be possible and still devastating).
  • It's highly possible an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) will take out the electrical grid. The cause of the EMP could be the core of the earth reacting to the magnetic changes, a blast from the sun's magnetics, or a jolt related to a solar coronal mass ejection Given the wrecked economy and vast infrastructure damage that would have occurred during the same period, the electrical grid might take decades to reestablish. Nuclear pollution from damaged nuclear plants may also be a problem.
  • Frightening as the coming planetary/solar system changes are, Clif says they are actually necessary to recharge our magnetosphere, which protects us from cosmic rays. He declines to offer ideas on the safest places to be during all this, though he does say high elevations might be good.
  • The data predict that some level of human civilization will still be around decades from now, so the coming events are not a final cataclysm for humanity.

RBN home page  |  Download/Listen   1:31:34


Clif High Interview on Rense Radio

10 Dec 2009 — In this Jeff Rense interview with Clif High, the highlights include...

  • Clif agrees with trends analyst Gerald Celente that a 2010 false-flag terror attack may be in the works.
  • The potential bank shutdown previously mentioned for Sep 2009 now looks more likely to be possible after the context shift in the language near the end of the year (that is to say, sometime in 2010).
  • Clif has an idea for a "memering experiment" related to Gary McKinnon and makes a special offer to active military and law enforcement personnel to get a free report if they will be part of the experiment. (Video below: interview with Gary McKinnon; 16:22)
  • He does not believe TPTB are "evil" in the classic sense of the word. From a universe perspective, they are only very misguided. Nonetheless, they need to be dealt with in a way that is effective and appropriate, but not necessarily lethal.
  • Clif doesn't buy the official explanation of the recent "missile phenomenon" seen in the skies over Norway. He finds particularly interesting the "black hole" seen in the middle of the spiral at the end of the run. (Video below: the official story (and propagandist misdirect) from NBC Nightly News report; 2:28)
  • If the US gets so desperate that its strategy gets really, really nuts, there is a possibility that China, Russia, and/or ETs could execute an advance-technology, life-obliterating pulse wave across the US. They would see this as a last resort (though from a planetary perspective, still preferable to a nuclear take-out).

Go to page  |  Download/Listen   40:55

Related video:  Gary McKinnon interview


Clif High on Smoke and Mirrors/Jay Weidner

04 Nov 2009 — Clif follows up on the Rense interview with more about the possibility of cataclysmic sun cycle activity in the next few years.

Download/Listen   40:14

More Jay Weidner here


Clif High on Rense Radio — Pole-Shift Special

03 Nov 2009 — This interview focuses solely on Clif's research into the supposition that the sun's magnetic field will experience a major event (likely in 2012) that will have cataclysmic effects on earth. Before listening to this interview, check out the two bullets below...

  • Clif's material always has a certain level of chaos as part of the future-view. Most who follow the Web Bots' work see the difficulties predicted for the next few years as a necessary part of a transformational shift. However, this interview offers a new level of doom. Why would Clif tell us something so devastating and generally inescapable? Well, the truth is what it is, and if he has concluded this is likely the truth, then he is inclined to speak it. But understand that the possibility of imminent physical demise on a mass level IS consistent with a coming new age, whether it's zodiac-based or according to the Law of One (Ra). Either way, for most of us, to move on to a next phase on a "better playground" we will have to exit this one. Remember, each of us is NOT our bodies—they are a monkey-mind representation of reality. SO.... If you can wrap your head around that, listen to this MP3. If not, don't!
  • You will have a much easier time understanding what Clif is talking about if you read this page first. It explains verbally and with graphics the concept of a pole shift.

Go to page  |  Download/Listen   1:17:13


Clif High on Regina's Cantina, Conscious Radio Network

Nov 2009 (Recorded Oct 14) — Clif High on Regina's Cantina ... {detailed description not available}

Sorry, audio no longer available.


Clif High on Zany Mystic's Fireside Chat

31 Oct 2009 — In this interview with Clif High, topics include...

  • The collapse in commercial real estate is on its way, and it will be more severe and swift than the collapse in the housing market
  • Chaos may make information propagation difficult at some point in the future
  • He goes into the theory of Karma, mentioning Ian Lungold's essay The Game of Loss and Lack
  • Numerology is important in the choices made by TPTB
  • He doesn't see any likelihood that TPTB will voluntarily release info about the existence of alien life and previous earth contact
  • book cover for Foundation Trilogy; click to see on; opens in new window Clif compares our real-life situation to the galactic meta-trends in Isaac Asimov's sci-fi classic Foundation Trilogy
  • He believes hyperdimensional reality exists and is already employed by those in the shadow government
  • There is a possibility TPTB will stage false-flag "alien wars" in the future
  • He discusses how chemtrails may affect health and even gardening

Go to page  |  Download/Listen   54:54


Clif High and George Ure on Militia Radio

29 Oct 2009 — Clif High and George Ure questions and provide comments...

  • Did the events of 25-26 Oct (and subsequent days) match the warning level indicated in the Web Bots most recent report and special alert? Interesting events in that period are the opening of the Iranian oil bourse and the Saudi's abandonment of the West Texas Intermediate oil benchmark, as well as saber rattling by Russia.
  • Is it possible that Russia, China, or some other country might try to invade the US at some point?
  • What the fluctuations in the dollar and commodities mean, and why McDonalds' withdrawal from the Iceland market is a relevant event for Americans.
  • The elites are globalizing the worker-level wage rate—and that's not good for most of us in the West.
  • The collapse of the dollar will be a process, not an event. Clif and George see inflation starting soon, especially for essentials.
  • Those facing mortgage foreclosure should not necessarily just lie down and let it happen.
  • They address some of the problems of storing things like toilet paper and food, as well as the ins and outs of backup power, including solar and gas/diesel generators. Smart preps include addressing health issues NOW, acquiring a set of reference books, and learning new skills.

{ Sorry, MP3 no longer available }   1:53:11


Clif High on Beyond the Ordinary

27 Oct 2009 — Included in this interview with Clif High...

  • there have been several important recent financial events, including the failure of the largest commercial real estate lender and opening of the Iranian oil bourse
  • the level of data of "noteworthy intensity" in the Web Bots data is increasing
  • mid-2010 will see a "the revolution in a very active state, emerging out of a frothy chaos"
  • there are coming radical changes in the methods and status of agriculture, food, and health in the US—mostly for the better
  • the data show LOTS of big earthquakes coming
  • he discusses the influence of the "flow rate of money" in the economy
  • he discusses the possibilities for alternate methods of communication if TPTB try to shut down the internet
  • non-violent (but participative) resistance will be critical
  • he offers thoughts on the importance of controlling fear, and a few tips for doing so

Go to page  |  Download/Listen   52:47


Clif High on RBN/Common Sense

25 Oct 2009 — In this WebBot interview with Clif High, his topics include the building tension over Obama's recent declaration of a national health emergency; the nuances of martial law vs. "lock down"; and the triggers for and likely characteristics of a revolution. He also notes that these days TPTB rarely oppress or control overtly—they've gotten sneaky!

RBN home page  |  Download/Listen   1:03:59


Clif High on The North Watch

16 Oct 2009 — Included in the interview are Clif's comments on....

  • the nuances of the building-tension/release language related to the 25 Oct-Nov 5 period and the possibilities for chaos in the money system;
  • why this currency crash will be worse for US-pop than previous US currency failures;
  • the Amero, future currency valuations, gray markets, and black markets;
  • a history lesson on enforcement of the petro-dollar in Iran;
  • why the Israeli attack on Iran is still leashed;
  • the "ill winds" will be an issue for at least 18 weeks, likely in the first quarter of 2010;
  • the importance of prepping on food supplies (including enough for your clueless relatives);
  • the TPTB's population reduction meme in historical context;
  • the swine flu vaccine and flu medicines may induce autoimmune disease and other health problems;
  • strategies local health officials may use to pressure you to get the flu shot;
  • the various explanations, benign and nefarious, for chemtrails;
  • what the NASA's "bomb the moon" episode was likely all about;
  • Nibiru (Planet X) is most likely a psy-op—though not for sure!;
  • the galactic squeeze on our solar system may be part of a ribbon of squeezes going on at the galactic level;
  • the degradation of Earth's magnetosphere may lead to environmental collapse, disease, genetic mutation, and a kill-shot to electronics;
  • a planetary pole shift may be coming, which could literally change the face of the planet;
  • an update on the "new electrics fugitives";
  • the Dog Poet may be an African Reggae artist;
  • the odds are that any attempt to assassinate the president would be originated from an unhappy faction of TPTB;
  • we need to rid ourselves of our feudal masters once and for all;
  • we should strive to turn the American empire from one of exploitation to service.

Go to page  |  Download/Listen   1:41:07


Clif High on Journeys With Rebecca

10 Oct 2009 — In this interview, Clif High talks about how the "US leaders out and about" prediction correlates with the possible failure of the US dollar. He explains more about how the linguistic analysis works and why it's resistant to intentional contamination by TPTB. He also offers more explanation of the "new lands" and "coastal events" archetypes, and gives his thoughts on the preservation of knowledge and the chances for human civilization to survive.

Download/Listen   1:40:55

More great interviews available at the Journeys With Rebecca site:  Go there


Rense Radio

08 Oct 2009 — Clif talks to Jeff Rense and answers listener questions. Topics include "the Israelie mistake" with Iran, the Oct. 25 special alert, and the coming failure of the US dollar.

Download/Listen  38:18

RenseRadio home page


Clif High with on Red Ice Radio

04 OCT 2009 — In hour one of this interview, Clif High digs into the detail of his approaches to Web Bot programming and data analysis. In hour 2, the conversation covers the gamut of predictions, with some focus on human evolution and our place in the galaxy/universe.

Hour 1: No longer available from host site   59:04
Hour 2: Download/Listen   55:03


Clif High with Captain Jack on Badlands Radio

02 OCT 2009 — Captain Jack interviews Clif High about all the ususal stuff, including lots of stuff about the dollar, unemployment, and real estate. Clif also offers a good method for quitting smoking. At the end, he answers the question, "What is the one thing that really makes you sit up and take notice?"

Download/Listen   1:47:20


Clif High on CPN Live

29 SEP 2009 — Clif High shares predictive information about the coming fall of the US dollar, food shortages, revolution, even the sacking of the Vatican. He also gives a great answer to the question "Just who are 'The Powers That Be'?"

MP3 Feed

Download/Listen   1:11:05


Clif High on One Radio Network

NOTE: You need free One Radio Network account to listen/download their MP3s. It's easy and worth the minor effort!

28 SEP 2009 — Clif High gives a rundown of the latest Web Bots predictions, which include big trouble over vaccines, the US dollar, Iran-Israel conflict, and earth changes—among other things!

Download/Listen   1:12:45


Clif High Interview on Militia Radio

24 SEP 2009 — Another good interview with Clif High about the world-changing events coming in the next year, with a slant towards personal preparedness.

{ Sorry, MP3 no longer available }   1:45:44


Clif High on Beyond the Ordinary

22 SEP 2009 — This interview with Clif High includes him commenting on the current mindset of The Powers That Be, the likelihood of first (acknowledged) contact with alien life, and the form that contact might take.

Go to page  |  Download/Listen   1:00:00


Clif High on Rense Radio

17 SEP 2009 — A YouTube version of Clif being interviewed on Rense Radio, just after the release of The Shape of Things to Come, Volume 0, Issue 2. In four parts.

Part 1:  Watch
Part 2:  Watch
Part 3:  Watch
Part 4:  Watch


Web Bots Predictions - Summary - The Shape of Things to Come, Vol. 0, Issue 2

16 SEP 2009

To be fair to Clif and his excellent work with the Web Bots Predictions project, we provide only a brief summary of the top points from the latest report. We STRONGLY urge you to read the original reports for yourself—both the most recent report ("The Shape of Things to Come, Volume 0, Issue 2", Sep 2009) and the previous report (Volume 0, Issue 1, Jul 2009). They are available for $10 each on the HalfPastHuman site.

You may run across free copies of the Web Bot reports on the internet. These are not to be trusted—it is suspected that they are modified versions being used as disinformation by The Powers That Be.

Now, on to the summary of major Web Bot Predictions...

Earth Changes -- The cause is not yet clear, but predicted changes to the environment around us include a major increase in the number and strength of earthquakes; new lands being formed; and noteworthy "coastal events" over much of the planet. Sea level rise is thought to be a major part of this and may be a factor in a prediction that up to 200 million people in the US may eventually be forced to relocate.

The Israeli Mistake -- "The Shape of Things to Come" predicts that Israel WILL attack Iran, and that the attack may evoke nuclear fallout (either from the use of nuclear weapons or more likely from destruction of a nuclear site) that travels globally on the jet stream.

Collapse of the US Dollar -- The world will move away from the US dollar as the global reserve currency, and this will have a devastating impact on the US economy, resulting in very destructive phases of both hyperinflation and severe deflation.

Viruses and Vaccines -- The H1N1 virus will be a serious pandemic, but the forced vaccination of the entire populace is an even greater threat. The aggressive tactics of how authorities deal with "vaccine refusniks" will have a backlash effect that helps stoke massive push-back from the citizenry.

Revolution -- The report predicts that The Powers That Be, whose iron grip is dependent on the money system as we know it, will lose control as the global monetary system collapses and as a US revolution occurs. The report does not say that the revolution is going to be a bloody one—a passive-resistance style revolution is also possible.

There is much, much more in "The Shape of Things to Come" reports. Summaries and interviews are fine as far as they go, but there is no substitute for reading them first-hand. See

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Roundtable Discussion about Web Bots and Metaphysics

01 SEP 2009 — A very interesting discussion/analysis of how the Web Bots work fits into the universal scheme of things. Hosted by Michael St. Clair on Light Seeds Radio.

Download available in 3 parts: One  |  Two  |  Three Total time: 1:58:00
Light Seeds page: Go to page


Clif High Discusses Planet X With Kerry Cassidy

01 MAY 2009 — Clif High says Niburu/ Planet X does not appear in the Web Bots predictions data and appears to be disinformation.

Short clip:  Watch



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climate feedback loop video link; thumb of global warming slide
The two stereotypical sides of the climate debate are (a) climate change is a potential planet-killer and MUST be addressed; and (b) climate change is nothing to worry about, it's all part of a natural cycle. Guy McPherson reviews the scientific evidence that there is a third scenario: Climate change has already entered a runaway-feedback mode and there is now nothing humans can do to reverse the catastrophic level of warming that's coming—and coming soon. The good news? McPherson delivers his dark news clearly, with a great sense of humor, and with excellent insights into the human condition.  Watch climate feedback loop video(1:51:49)

funny industrial chicken farming video link; thumb of waitress and diners
In this funny video from Food and Water Watch, two patrons are super-excited about the waitress' explanations regarding the menu's factory-farmed chicken and how it was raised.  Watch funny industrial chicken farming video(1:47)

funny cable news video link; thumb of pregnancy test stick with news ticker
This funny video from Saturday Night Live pokes fun at the incessant news blather created by the concept of 24-hour coverage and the overemphasis on breaking news.  Watch funny cable news video(2:13)

MAV bug-bot drone
MAVs are bird- or insect-sized drones that can be weaponized to kill using vectors like injectable poisons. Watch the demonstration video and read why all US citizens should be concerned about development of these killer bug-bots.
funny Monsanto video link; thumb of spokesman holding rotten apple
This funny bit from Happy Little Guillotine Studios makes mince meat out of Monsanto's maniacal drive to dominate the global food system with their GMO products, no matter what the cost.  Watch funny Monsanto video(2:33)

funny relationship video link; thumb of woman receiving gift ring
For men who "just aren't sure yet" comes a line of jewelry that promises to keep her waiting ... forever. This funny video from Amy Schumer satirizes the crazy-stupid way some men think about relationships ... and delay, delay, delay on commitment.  Watch funny relationship video(1:18)



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