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Radio EcoShock

Nuclear Disasters and Government Cover-Ups — 14 Mar 2012 — Arnie Gunderson reviews the evidence that there is one thing in common among Fukushima, Chernobyl, and Three Mile Island—government cover-ups of the true level of the disasters. He also explains how spring will bring a new release of radioactive material in Japan and the likelihood of future Fukushima-related cancers.
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Japan's Power Shortfall — 08 Mar 2012 — All but two of Japan's nuclear reactors are offline, slashing the country's power supply by a third. Some replacement fuels are being used, but problems with electricity are hurting industrial production and changing Japan's geopolitics. Nonetheless, the Japanese people want assurances of better safety before the nukes are brought back online.
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Democracy Now, 12 Mar 2012
Arnie Gundersen:  Fukushima Radiation Could Result in 1 Million Cases of Cancer
Watch  |  Download/Listen   9:19

Green Power

Old Nuke Plants in the US—Which Will Melt Down First? — 06 Mar 2012 — Harvey Wasserman and Joe DeMare, Ohio Green Party candidate for the US Senate, discuss the decaying state of nuclear plants in the US, particularly Vermont Yankee and Ohio's infamous Davis-Besse reactor. New legal developments indicate that states' rights may be the ultimate answer to getting these decrepit and increasingly dangerous rust-bucket nukes off-line.
Audio no longer available.   53:58


Russia Today / The Keiser Report

The Joseph Kony Video, Uganda's Resources, and Psyops — 13 Mar 2012 — Max and Stacy discuss the possible motives behind the Kony video and promotion of US military involvement in Uganda—could it be recent resource discoveries there? ~~ Also discussed is US possession of German gold.
Watch  |  Download/Listen   13:05

Corbett Report

Bob Chapman:  Kony and More — 12 Mar 2012 — Chapman thinks resistance by the Dutch to bearing the costs of Euro bailouts spell trouble for the EU. Other topics include an election-driven improvement in unemployment statistics; why inflation is not as high as it should be in this era of money printing; and the Kony video deception.
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Iranian Nuclear Program and Need for War Both Overestimated
09 Mar 2012 — Paul Pillar cuts through the political hype over Iran and explains why the matter of their nuclear program does not logically bring us to the brink of war.
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The Lifeboat Hour

Michael Ruppert:  World on Fire — 12 Mar 2012 — Ruppert discusses the rape of Greece by the banksters, the worsening US disaster on its war fronts, declining US influence in the world, the hopelessness of the 9/11 Truth Movement, the faltering Occupy Movement, and warrior activism. The time for debating and pondering is over. The only thing left to do is to tear down the system and start over again.
Audio no longer available.   52:54

One Radio Network

Andrew Gause:  The Money Masters Have Effectively Enslaved the 99.9% — 14 Mar 2012 — Gause's topics this time include: The latest stress test for banks is smoke and mirrors—the outcome was decided before the test. The game of musical paper among the central banks and the big banks/investment houses is continuing. Though some countries are grumbling about the vagaries of the US dollar, countries with unstable governments and, hence, unstable currencies, still see the dollar as a safe currency. The 0.1% of people who really understand how the money system works have effectively enslaved the 99.9% who don't.
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Russia Today / The Keiser Report

The "Free Market"—Free Only for Financial Predators — 08 Mar 2012 — Max and Stacy's discussion includes why banks don't have a liquidity issue (they have a solvency issue) and explain how the futures markets of today have been financialized far beyond their utility. ~~ Michael Hudson discusses the Modern Monetary Theory, including why banking and credit today are functionally broken (and how to fix it). He also discusses the dark force known as The Chicago School (of economics).
Watch  |  Download/Listen   25:44

Corbett Report

Russ Tice:  Stratfor and the Future of Spying — 09 Mar 2012 — Former intelligence insider Russ Tice discusses the revolving door between intelligence agencies and private firms, the Stratfor/Wikileaks situation, Obama's betrayal of whistleblowers, and social networking as an intelligence gathering tool.
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King World News

Jim Sinclair:  The Gold Price Calls the Fed Delusional — 09 Mar 2012 — Among Sinclair's points: The Fed is lying or deluded if it thinks it can do more quantitative easing without inflation—the gold price says that. The demand for dollars is dropping sharply in the world settlements markets. His target range for gold this year is $1,700 to $2,200.
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Two Beers With Steve

Aaron Hawkins:  How We Beat The Powers That Be — 28 Feb 2012 — Aaron Hawkins discusses how we get out of the left-right duality trap and pursue common goals that will require a complete rebuild of the US governance; why emotional arguments are more effective that intellectual arguments; the importance of winning the support of police and military; using small steps to convince people.
Audio no longer available from host site.


Mumia, 09 Mar 2012
Wars For Votes—"I Am Clearly the Best Choice for Bomber-in-Chief"
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Mumia, 11 Mar 2012
Son Of Haditha—The Massacres Continue
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Radio EcoShock, 07 Mar 2012
WikiLeaks, Stratfor, and the Brave New World of Privatized Intelligence and Propaganda Services
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King World News, 11 Mar 2012
Stephen Leeb:  Desperate Psychology Among the Financial Elites
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Common Sense with Dan Carlin, 13 Mar 2012
Dan Carlin:  Candidate Obama, President Obama, and the "Do Not Cross" Line
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Unwelcome Guests

Occupy 2.0 and Peer-Produced Politics — 10 Mar 2012 — Three different perspectives on the ongoing Occupy movement: First, an open letter to the police by occupier Reverend Richard Lang. Then Noam Chomsky talks about how to broaden Occupy and about its relationship to the US "Republicrat kabuki." Finally P2P theorist Michel Bauwens sets Occupy in the context of people-centric peer-to-peer support methods.
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PART 1:  Download/Listen   59:30
PART 2:  Download/Listen   59:30

Let Your Life Be A Friction (To Stop The Machine) — 03 Mar 2012 — (1) The soundtrack to a ClassWar Films video that retells the myth of American exceptionalism—a polemic that punctures that happy, jingoistic bubble in which most Americans reside. ~~ (2) UK anti-nuclear activist Angie Zelter discusses "direct action" in general, including the "ploughshares" movement, which has inspired thousands to take on the nukes issue by actually damaging nuclear weapons and other military equipment.
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Corbett Report

Dr. Bruce Levine on the Psychiatric Industry and the Anti-Authoritarian Mind — 07 Mar 2012 — Psychiatrist Bruce Levine discusses how his profession is slowly turning anti-authoritarianism—the backbone of truth-seeking and activism—into a health condition to be medicated. He says that by current standards, Albert Einstein would likely have been labeled as mentally ill. Given the power of the brainwashing machinery of TPTB, how can we use critical thinking to overcome the tyranny of the corp-gov axis of elites?
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C-Realm Podcast

Escaping the Filter Bubble and Your Google Goggles — 14 Mar 2012 — KMO and guest Gabriel Weinberg explain how in 2009 the world of search engines changed forever, when Google began showing users customized results. Their stated intent was to help users find information they would consider useful and avoid information they would consider unhelpful. But a largely unwanted effect of this filtering is to reinforce opinions we already have rather that help us evolve opinions and continue seeking truth.
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On The Media

Dealing With Bogus Political Ads — 09 Mar 2012 — While television stations are legally required to run ads purchased by election campaigns, they are allowed to refuse advertising from Super-PACs. The Annenberg Public Policy Center has begun a campaign called "Stand By Your Ad" that helps viewers pressure stations to refuse to run ads that contain distortions or untruths.
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Financial Sense, 13 Mar 2012
Neil Howe:  Under-30 Generation Suspicious of Big Media's Anti-Piracy Agenda
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On The Media

Wikipedia—The Dangers of Crowdsourcing When It Counts — 09 Mar 2012 — Professor Timothy Messer-Kruse has devoted the last ten years of his life to one topic—the 1886 Haymarket Riot. But when Messer-Kruse tried to correct a wrong fact about the event in Wikipedia, that site's crowdsourced editing approach proved resistant to primary-source truth.
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(GP comment:  And the lesson is, Wikipedia is great for finding information on things that don't matter but not things that do.)



Apple Plant Was Inspected Hours Before Blast — 12 Mar 2012 — In China, an explosion rocked an Apple supplier factory last May, and in December, an explosion occurred at another Apple supplier factory. Workers interviewed after the blast criticized safety at the plant, saying that Apple inspected it just hours before the explosion, and later only checked on their health status and compensation after press attention.
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Living On Earth

The Seattle Food Forest — 09 Mar 2012 — A team of interested citizens is turning seven acres in Seattle into a food-dense permaculture wonderland.
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Vermont Public Radio

James Howard Kunstler on Our Energy Future — 13 Mar 2012 — We've already reached the age of peak oil, and fossil fuels are too dangerous for the environment even if there were abundant supplies. For instance, oil from Canada's tar sands is super-dirty, has a low net energy ratio, and is only feasible at high oil prices.. Renewable energies like wind and solar can't possibly power the world built on abundant fossil fuels. That's what Kunstler believes, and he really doesn't care if you disagree.
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Chelsea Green Radio, 03 Mar 2012
Michael Phillips on the "Holistic Orchard"
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Science Friday, 09 Mar 2012
The Early Spring—Effects on Plants and Pests
Download/Listen   17:59

C-Realm Podcast, 07 Mar 2012
Dmitry Orlov on the Interrelationships Between the Five Stages of Collapse
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KRUU / Writers' Voices

Michael Shuman on Local Investing and Resilient Regional Economies — 11 Mar 2012 — Michael Shuman discusses how investors can use their money to help local businesses and build resilient regional economies. Less than 1 percent of the $30 trillion that Americans' have in long-term savings is invested in local small businesses, leaving a gaping opportunity for local investment choices, from local investment funds and local stock exchanges to community ownership and crowdfunding.
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You Bet Your Garden

Should You Worry About Tomato Blight this Summer? — 03 Mar 2012 — Does the mild winter in the US mean a bad blight season for tomatoes and their cousins? Other topics include dealing with seed starting problems; planning to grow great peaches, apples, and other tree fruits; and whether cat litter be composted.
Download/Listen   52:14

Producing Your Own Peanuts — 25 Feb 2012 — Is it possible to grow peanuts above the Mason-Dixon line? Yes! But Mike McGrath offers a number of important tips. Other topics include problems with grape growing, dealing with unwanted moss on a roof, and redbud tree pests.
Download/Listen   52:15

One Radio Network

Organic Gardening, Edible Landscapes, and Drip Irrigation — 28 Feb 2012 — Robert Kourik discusses drip irrigation, including new innovations that avoid clogging; how to regulate watering to improve tomato flavor; deer-resistant plants; Compost 101, including why commercially available composting bins aren't the best way to go.
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Renewable Energy Drives Need for Grid Reconfiguration — 12 Mar 2012 — As more homes and localities install solar and other types of renewable energy, the kilowatts per costumer are changing, as are income streams and power demand at central plants. In the long run, as renewable energy finally becomes a significant percentage of US electricity generation, changes to the grid will be essential.
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Living On Earth

Endocrine Disruptors in Food Containers and Personal Care Products — 16 Mar 2012 — Rather than being directly toxic, endocrine disrupting chemicals mimic hormones and send the body's systems down dark alleys and off high cliffs. They work at very, very low levels, and the are in lots of products.
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Why There is No Techno-Fix for Environmental Problems — 04 Mar 2012 — Michael Huesemann explains his fifteen year study into environmental science and philosophies of technology, covering the delusion of techno-optimism and the myths of progress and happiness through technology. A different paradigm is going to be required, and the centerpiece of that must be a steady-state (no-growth) economy.
Download/Listen   1:54:46


New Service Facilitates Renting Your Car to Strangers — 06 Mar 2012 — A new service helps you make your car available for people to rent, providing owners with income to offset the expense of maintaining the vehicle and providing renters with a convenient, affordable option.
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Gary Null Show, 09 Mar 2012
James Gustave Speth:  Environmental Reform Within the Current System is Impossible
Audio no longer available.   1:00:55

Quirks & Quarks, 03 Mar 2012
MRSA Strain Moves from Humans to Pigs and Back Again
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Democracy Now, 05 Mar 2012
Is BP 'Deepwater Horizon' Settlement a Bad Deal for Gulf Residents?
Watch  |  Download/Listen   14:01

Sea Change Radio, 13 Mar 2012
Bryan Welch: Environmental Messaging—Positive Vision Vs. Fear-Based Framing
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A Better World

Green Power Roundtable — 05 Mar 2012 — An interesting discussion among energy systems innovators who are using novel, super-high-efficiency components to achieve efficiencies of 90% in wind power.
Audio no longer available.

(GP comment:  But will it all integrate and scale? My advice: Hope for the clean-power techno-utopia but prepare for the polluted, constrained-energy future.)


WasteFarmers—Transforming City Food Waste into Compost and Profit — 05 Mar 2012 — John-Paul Maxfield of WasteFarmers explains how he created a thriving business by turning food scraps into soil.
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Living On Earth

Urban Tree Cover Declining — 09 Mar 2012 — A new US Forest Service study shows tree cover in 20 US cities is declining rapidly.
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Living On Earth

More Rainforest Falling to Hydro Power — 16 Mar 2012 — The Brazilian government has proposed to re-map the Amazon, removing protection for more than 200,000 acres of rainforest to make way for hydroelectric dams.
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Living On Earth

Using Cameras Drones to Fight Deforestation, Poaching, and Habitat Destruction — 16 Mar 2012 — Drones armed with cameras are a new weapon to fight deforestation, animal poaching and habitat destruction. Scientist Lian Pin Koh explains the conservation value of these miniature observation platforms.
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TreeHugger Radio

The IPCC and Climate Deniers — 01 Mar 2012 — For all the scientists and researchers studying how humans sway the climate, there is one group whose job it is to compile, aggregate, and synthesize these thousands of findings into a consensus view—the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Rajendra Pachauri, the current head of this group, discusses how the IPCC functions. He specifically comments on the continuing problem of climate deniers, when 97% of working climate scientists agree with human-caused warming.
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Eco Songs

Green Music to Your Ears — There are a lot of great, classic environmental songs out there. And there a lot of great new ones being produced too! Here is nice little hip-hop song/video from Brick Casey called "Danger! (Global Warming)" and two good modern-folk songs from Mike Quick, "Rain" and "The Oak."
Brick Casey:
Download/listen to Danger!  1:37
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Mike Quick:
Download/listen to Rain  5:34
Download/listen to The Oak  4:45
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Science Friday

The Street Fight Over Climate Science — 02 Mar 2012 — Michael Mann, author of The Hockey Stick And The Climate Wars, talks about how climate deniers attack climate science with unscientific methods. "Climate scientists have to stop bringing a knife to a gun fight."
Download/Listen   18:13

Referenced book:   (on
The Hockey Stick And The Climate Wars

Boiling Frogs

Barbara Loe Fisher on US Government Mandatory Vaccination Laws — 24 Feb 2012 — In a free society, one would think that there would be no such thing as forced medical procedures. But more and more, a person who thinks vaccines aren't the right choice for their child faces big problems. Barbara Loe Fisher discusses the extraordinary number of vaccines being given to children these days, statistical benefits vs. individual risks, the influence of Big Pharma, and the coming era of forced vaccinations for all.
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Nutrition Diva

Carob vs. Chocolate — 29 Feb 2012 — Carob is sometimes used as a substitute for chocolate. Is this appropriate? What are the nutritional differences between the two?
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Diet Science

Stevia—Natural, No Calories, and Healing? — 05 Mar 2012 — The natural sweetener stevia has no sugars and, hence, no calories, but it is also packed with a number of important nutrients. New evidence suggests that stevia has the ability to heal the cells of the pancreas and provide other health benefits.
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Nutrition Diva, 07 Mar 2012
Is Homogenized Milk Bad For You?
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Biodynamics Now

Fake CSAs? — 05 Mar 2012 — Are new "box services"—services that aggregate products from multiple farms and offer weekly subscriptions to customers—really CSAs? Shouldn't the farms that feed the box services always be known to the customers? Should the "CSA" label be limited to single-farm direct-to-consumer services?
Download/Listen   1:10:16
More BN Shows

Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert on Food Trends — 06 Mar 2012 — Funny-man Colbert ponders the end of king-size Snickers bars and the rising popularity of second breakfast, a la hobbits and mainstream media trolls.
Watch  |  Download/Listen   4:35

One Radio Network

The War on Supplements — 06 Mar 2012 — Scott Tips of the National Health Federation discusses a bill in congress intended to push back against FDA actions that would make regulatory procedures for supplements extremely arduous and costly, forcing many supplements off store shelves.
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Red Ice Radio

Barbara Hand Clow:  We Are About to Reconnect with Dormant Abilities — 01 Mar 2012 — Barbara Hand Clow discusses the awakening of the planetary mind. She explains how we are on the cusp of an age of incredible creative growth, made possible by reconnecting our minds with dormant abilities. She says we are beginning a collective healing as ancient memories of prehistory awaken in our minds and release our unprocessed fear.
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11.11 with Simran Singh

Eldon Taylor:  Stop Sabotaging Your Goals — 01 Mar 2012 — Most of us believe it is the amount of our resolve—pure determination—that dictates whether or not we will accomplish our goals. It is all a matter of willpower, and if our will is strong enough, then we will succeed. The truth of the matter is, we unknowingly sabotage our own attempts to accomplish our goals because few of us know the tools and techniques necessary to succeed.
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Awakening To Conscious Co-Creation, 29 Feb 2012
Jennifer Hough:  From Meta-Organism to Meta-Consciousness
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Direct-download link broken by host site   55:36

Beyond 50

Using Technology to Deepen Human Consciousness — 24 Feb 2012 — Carol Sabick de la Herran of The Monroe Institute explains methods of using audio-guidance technology to achieve a focused, highly productive, coherent mind-brain state—a state of deep consciousness, one that can normally only be achieved through many years of meditation.
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Radio Parallax

Hannibal and His Opponents—What These Great Military Strategists Can Teach Us About Success and Failure — 01 Mar 2012 — Though we may decry the violence of "military geniuses," their method of working through problems sometimes has applicability to our own, modern lives.
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The Voice of Middle Earth

The Voice of Middle Earth, Episode 8 — More music and discussion inspired by the writings of JRR Tolkien, this time including an overview of Bilbo Baggins' life, some good folk rock, and a number of songs from the excellent progressive Bo Hanssen album, The Lord of the Rings.
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The two stereotypical sides of the climate debate are (a) climate change is a potential planet-killer and MUST be addressed; and (b) climate change is nothing to worry about, it's all part of a natural cycle. Guy McPherson reviews the scientific evidence that there is a third scenario: Climate change has already entered a runaway-feedback mode and there is now nothing humans can do to reverse the catastrophic level of warming that's coming—and coming soon. The good news? McPherson delivers his dark news clearly, with a great sense of humor, and with excellent insights into the human condition.  Watch climate feedback loop video(1:51:49)

MAV bug-bot drone
MAVs are bird- or insect-sized drones that can be weaponized to kill using vectors like injectable poisons. Watch the demonstration video and read why all US citizens should be concerned about development of these killer bug-bots.


funny industrial chicken farming video link; thumb of waitress and diners
In this funny video from Food and Water Watch, two patrons are super-excited about the waitress' explanations regarding the menu's factory-farmed chicken and how it was raised.  Watch funny industrial chicken farming video(1:47)

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