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Democracy Now

Big Bank Settlement—A Parking Ticket for a Felony — 10 Feb 2012 — The US Justice Department reached a settlement with the nation's five largest banks over faulty foreclosures and mortgage practices that indebted and displaced homeowners and sunk the nation's economy. Yves Smith says the settlement is far from adequate and offers "twelve reasons you should hate the mortgage settlement."
Watch  |  Download/Listen   14:22

One Radio Network

Andrew Gause:  80% of Homeowners Not Eligible for Mortgage Settlement Help — 15 Jan 2012 — Gause's topics include... the practical benefits for SOME homeowners of the government settlement with the big banks; the interesting pattern of US "enemies" who happen to have the world's few remaining independent central banks; reasons for historical price moves in silver.
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Russia Today / The Keiser Report

Big Banks Still Shifting Cost of Bad Bets to We the Little People — 14 Feb 2012 — Max and Stacy report that you can now refer to a Rothschild as a "puppet master" without it being libel. We're saved! They also discuss how big banks are still using the system to shift the cost of their bad bets to we the little people, and how the recent mortgage settlement is just more of the same. ~~ James Howard Kunstler explains why we've been snookered on the big-bank mortgage settlement. Other topics of discussion include... a "John Brown moment" of insurrection and revolt; the relationship between peak everything and the curtailment of civil liberties; the hypocrisy of anti-war Dems lying low while their guy (Obama) is in office.
Watch  |  Download/Listen   25:44


Bill Black:  Liars Loans, Accounting Fraud, and the Sure Thing — 06 Feb 2012 — Former regulator Bill Black describes in detail how the accounting fraud of the S&L era worked, how it inevitably blew up, and how the prosecutorial environment was different then compared to the near-lawless situation today. Beyond enforcing the law, Black recommends breaking up the "systemically important" big banks, reinstating "rules" that got demoted to "guidelines," and reforming CEO compensation so it does not encourage risky and fraudulent corporate behavior.
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Dan Carlin - Common Sense

GWOT as the Excuse for All Future Offenses — 09 Feb 2012 — Dan Carlin observes that the Global War On Terror—or whatever they're calling it these days—is used as a one-size-fits-all excuse for the need for the corp-gov overseers to do more and more things that abrogate civil liberties, such as filling the skies over the US with 30,000 observer drones. Using GWOT as the background story and the problem-reaction-solution approach for specific agenda items, those that (mis)lead us can convince the masses that whatever they do is for the best.
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Science Friday

Drone Technology—In War Zones and Your Backyard — 03 Feb 2012 — A panel discusses the state of drone technology in the military, commercial, and hobby sectors, as well as the privacy implications for the notion that drones may soon fill the skies over America.
Download/Listen   33:01

King World News

Gerald Celente:  Patriots Are the New Terrorists — 12 Feb 2012 — Celente's topics include... how in some cases, police are starting to turn on the money masters; how Germany is driving the draconian conditions in Greece; in the US, the amazing government assertion that citizens who push back against fiat currency, taxes and regulation are akin to terrorists.
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Two Beers With Steve, 03 Feb 2012
Government Wealth Redistribution — Not to the Poor, But to Elite Friends
Audio no longer available from host site.

ExtraEnvironmentalist, 16 Feb 2012
Art Into Action—Can Progressive Artists Connect the Masses to the Economic Elephant in the Room?
Download/Listen   1:55:51

Press TV / On the Edge with Max Keiser

Dmitry Orlov:  The US is About to Fall Off a 20-Story Building — 10 Feb 2012 — Orlov thinks the collapse in the US is going to be more severe than the one that happened in the USSR, with financial, commercial, and political collapse all happening simultaneously rather than in stepwise fashion. Other comments include... the hottest financial commodity is Facebook, a mere timewaster; both the US and Russia must solve their kleptocracy problems; the assertion that the US is now energy independent because of fracked natural gas is a lie based on financial games.
Watch  |  Download/Listen   23:00

Democracy Now

Apple and Foxconn—Welcome To The Machine — 10 Feb 2012 — Underlying the undisputedly wonderful iPhone is an overseas manufacturing process that is far less wonderful, at least for workers. More broadly, this piece examines the operations of Foxconn, the little-known Chinese company that is the largest electronics producer in the world.
Watch  |  Download/Listen   23:54

Time Monks Radio Network

Thomas Sheridan:  Psychopaths and You — 14 Jan 2012 — Sheridan offers a fascinating assessment of the psychopath. In previous interviews he has explained the role of the psychopath in world governance, but here he discusses family-level problems with psychopaths—that is, how you can deal effectively with psychopaths at home, at work, and in life.
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One Radio Network

Andrew Gause:  Strategies for Investing in Coins with High-Value Metal Content — 15 Jan 2012 — Gause's topics include... the smart way to work with a bank on a second mortgage; strategies for investing in coins with high-value metal content; why investing in debt instruments could make sense at some point in the future; gold price targets for various economic scenarios; which presidents fought for monetary independence from the banksters
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(GP comment:  Gause is very good on financial system issues, but here he betrays an astonishing cluelessness on the subject of US natural gas.)



Arthur E. Berman, Petroleum Geologist: Magical Thinking and Fracking — 02 Feb 2012 — Berman reviews the evidence that shows the claim of US energy wealth through fracked natural gas to be a myth.
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Occupy Educated / Post Carbon Institute

Richard Heinberg:  Occupy Meets Peak Oil and the End of Growth — 30 Jan 2012 — People in the Occupy movement (and many of those who are sympathetic to it) understand that Main Street is getting screwed by Wall Street and their corrupt government minions. But the corp-gov-bankster problem is only part of the reason we're in deep doo-doo. Richard Heinberg explains why energy and other resources are the basis of all economic value, and why the impossibility of endless growth of those things dictates the impossibility of endless economic growth. That is a fundamental concept that most people are oblivious to.
Watch  |  Download/Listen   1:13:41


KunstlerCast Listener Mailbag — 09 Feb 2012 — Topics include... David Brooks' recent reconsideration of suburbia as a great place to be; the Zeitgeist movement; the fate of home maintenance and ebooks in a post-peak future.
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KunstlerCast, 16 Feb 2012
What Does "Urban" Really Mean?
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The Lifeboat Hour

Carolyn Baker on Emotional Resilience — 05 Feb 2012 — Carolyn Baker discusses concepts like "emotional literacy" and "emotional resilience"—understanding the emotional stressors we are experiencing because of worsening economics and tense geopolitical events, and then dealing with them. It's essential for us to have a grasp on our internal gyroscopes so we can retain balance during these increasingly chaotic times.
Download/Listen   54:24


Sea Change Radio

Walmart—Green or Greed? — 07 Feb 2012 — Does Walmart deserve its reputation as a poor employer whose ultra-globalized model is bad for workers and the environment? Or is Walmart turning itself around with recent initiatives to improve its environmental impact by cutting back on energy use and reducing packaging? In part 1, environmental writer Stacy Mitchell offers the negative view of Walmart's sustainability efforts, and in part 2, reporter Marc Gunther opines that the world's problems will have to be solved with corporate giants like Walmart as partners, and their efforts to date are a good start.
PART 1:  Go to page  |  Download/Listen   30:00
PART 2:  Go to page  |  Download/Listen   29:45

Sierra Club Radio

Obama Protects Grand Canyon Area — 04 Feb 2012 — Fran Hunt from the Sierra Club's Resilient Habitats campaign discusses Obama's decision to protect more than a million acres around the Grand Canyon from mining and other development activities. ~~ Tacked onto the end of this clip are short pieces about clean energy awareness on campus, green cleaning tips, and using kale in winter meals.
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Fairewinds Associates

New Containment Flaw Identified in Fukushima-Style Reactors — 06 Feb 2012 — Fairewinds shows that the nuclear industry's plan to vent the containment structure of the BWR Mark 1 at Fukushima Daiichi could not have prevented a containment failure and the ensuing explosions. This audio and associated graphics provide important clues about why Fukushima Daiichi Unit 1 exploded.
Download/Listen   9:14

Electric Politics

Former NRC Commissioner Cool on Nuclear Energy — 27 Jan 2012 — Few people know more about nuclear power than a former Commissioner of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, especially the one who had the lead in responding to Three Mile Island. So when Dr. Victor Gilinsky suggests that it would be reasonable for the US to phase out nuclear power, people should pay attention.
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Radio EcoShock

Arctic Emergency—A Global Threat — 15 Feb 2012 — New science shows seven of thirteen major feed-back mechanisms—the forces that create climate tipping points—are found in the Arctic. Scientist Carlos Duarte discusses whether the rapid rise in Arctic temperatures and the disappearance of summer sea ice may trigger a runaway climate change and drive a global mass extinction event.
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Living on Earth

Dying Yellow Cedars — 17 Feb 2012 — Something is killing the majestic yellow cedar trees of southeastern Alaska and parts of British Columbia. Scientists have been baffled for decades but now they have an answer—it's climate change, sort of.
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Quirks and Quarks

What Caused the Little Ice Age? — 04 Feb 2012 — The Little Ice Age put Europe in a deep freeze for hundreds of years, up until the early 19th century. However, researchers have never agreed on the cause or the starting time. Geologist Gifford Miller explains new evidence from frozen plants that may explain the mystery.
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Living On Earth

California Takes Lead on Promoting Zero-Emission Vehicles — 10 Feb 2012 — The California Air Resources Board has mandated that by 2025, 15 percent of new cars sold in the state must have zero or near-zero emissions. Daniel Sperling, director of the Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Davis, explains how the state is going to achieve this goal.
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Sea Change Radio

Battery-Powered Cars Today and in the Future — 24 Jan 2012 — Electric vehicles are beginning to emerge as a real alternative to petroleum-powered vehicles. Most of us have heard of the Nissan Leaf, the Chevy Volt, and even the more exclusive Tesla models. But most listeners probably have not heard of the Dolphin. Its inventor, Dave Cloud, discusses his $3,000 wonder, as well as battery issues related to EVs.
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One Radio Network

Dr. Kenneth Fine on Gluten Intolerance — 31 Jan 2012 — Gluten sensitivity is the process by which the immune system reacts to gluten contained in wheat, barley, rye, and oats. The reaction begins in the intestine but can cause chronic inflammation and other problems in other parts of the body. Dr. Kenneth Fine offers a comprehensive review of gluten, gluten sensitivities, how to be tested, and dietary considerations for avoiding gluten.
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Quirks and Quarks

This Is Your Brain on Meditation — 28 Jan 2012 — Dr. Judson Brewer explains research showing how meditation affects brain activity. Using MRIs, he studied experienced and novice meditators, and found that meditation did seem to reduce activity in the parts of the brain that are associated with mind wandering and extraneous, often-negative thoughts.
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The 'Morning After' Pill—For When 'Plan A' Fails — 06 Feb 2012 — There are times when a woman's chosen birth control measure fails or, in the heat of the moment, is simply not used. For dealing with the next-day uh-ohs, the most popular brand of emergency contraception is called "Plan B One-Step," and it's available over-the-counter (with proof that you're 17 or older). This clip explains how the product works and how often it's used by women today.
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Living on Earth

Chemicals and Health — 17 Feb 2012 — There are tens of thousands of chemicals in everyday products. Only a fraction of these have been tested for toxicity and health effects in the US. Richard Denison of the Environmental Defense Fund discusses news studies that raise troubling health questions.
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C-Realm Podcast

"No More Fake News" on Health Issues — 15 Feb 2012 — Jon Rappoport of NoMoreFakeNews discusses the institution of medicine as the religion of the modern age. During 30 years of investigative journalism, Jon has asked questions that few journalists dare to ask. ~~ KMO concludes with a reading of the essay "Introducing the Cultural Psychopomp."
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KOPN Food Sleuth

Dealing with Food Waste — 26 Jan 2012 — Nora Goldstein, editor of BioCycle, a magazine devoted to composting, renewable energy and sustainability, discusses food waste. The hierarchy of food-waste reduction is to first divert usable food to alternate streams where it can be consumed by humans, and less palatable but non-spoiled foodstuffs can go to animal feed streams. The rest needs to go to composting operations. And what is one to do with leftover meat scraps? She also explains why it's a myth that it's a good idea to put yard waste in landfills as a way to generate energy.
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KOPN Food Sleuth, 02 Feb 0212
Jeremy Seifert:  GMOs and the Food Distribution Problem
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Food Chain Radio, 04 Feb 2012
Can We Get Monsanto's Hands Off the Reigns of Government Food Policy?
Go to page  |  Download/Listen   42:44

Diet Science, 29 Jan 2012
CLA—The "Healthy Transfat" in Grass-Fed Beef and Milk
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KOPN Food Sleuth

The Non-GMO Project — 09 Feb 2012 — With Monsanto and other agribusiness purveyors of GMO-containing foods blocking GMO labeling in the US, the Non-GMO Project is trying the other route—labeling foods that don't have genetically modified ingredients. Megan Westgate explains the goals of the project and also offers some basic tips on avoiding GMO-containing foods.
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TUC Radio

Family Farmers v. Monsanto—Will the Courts Reign in the GMO Death Star? — 07 Feb 2012 — Dan Ravicher, attorney for the Organic Seed Growers & Trade Association and others, is representing over 300,000 individuals in an effort to block Monsanto from suing farmers whose land was contaminated by pollen or seed from genetically modified plantings by their neighbors. Here, he summarizes the issue and the case.
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(GP comment:  That's right, rather than the organic and non-GMO farmers being compensated by Monsanto for GM contamination of their fields, they are sued by Monsanto for theft of intellectual property. Easily the most evil company on the planet.)

Gary Null Show

Agent Orange:  From Chemical Warfare in Vietnam to a Farm Field Near You — 08 Feb 2012 — (1) Gary Null reviews recent health, democracy, and freedom news, including lawlessness in the corp-gov axis and why you should get some chocolate every day. ~~ (2) Fred Wilcox reviews the legacy of Agent Orange and one of it's troublesome chemical components, 2, 4-D. The really bad news: The US Gov is on the verge of approving a new GM corn plant that is resistant to 2, 4-D, which will mean a huge increase in how much of the chemical is used.
Download/Listen   1:01:08

Diet Science

Agave Nectar—Sweet, But Not So Natural — 06 Feb 2012 — Purveyors of health food have touted agave nectar as a good natural sweetener. But the process for making agave nectar is rather akin to how high-fructose corn syrup is made, and agave nectar is actually sweeter that HFCS.
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Unwelcome Guests

The Slow Down Diet—Whole-Person Digestion and Weight Loss — 11 Feb 2012 — Marc David makes the case that good nutrition and successful dieting are more about how we eat than what we eat. In particular, stress sends the wrong signals to our digestive process, making us feel unsatisfied by meals and reducing the effectiveness of digestion and nutrient dispersal.
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Time Monks Radio Network

David Icke:  TPTB vs. Unified Human Consciousness — 10 Feb 2012 — David Icke gives a riveting interview on the battle between The Powers That Be and the human population's awakening consciousness. He largely rejects the idea that the chronic global suffering meted out by TPTB is a necessary stimulus to a transformation in humanity. The awakening of mass consciousness—which TPTB are actively trying to suppress with their various control systems—is essential if anything is going to change in the world. On more earthbound matters, Icke offers a very apt description of the chessboard moves that are leading to a totalitarian control system run by a super-national cabal of the few.
Go to page  |  Download/Listen   1:40:58

Suzanne Toro

Clif High on the March 2012 Discontinuity — 13 Feb 2012 — Clif High says the "discontinuity" predicted by the Web Bot data for early March is likely to include a dwindling ability of TPTB to influence the masses through the propagandistic media. This could be related to a solar-blast-driven widespread power outage, but that is speculative. It could also be that the hundredth-monkey human has a conscious awakening during this period, which brings on the mass shift in consciousness. Other topics include solar system issues, complexity and Timewave 0, the materium, and non-violent, non-compliance.
Go to page  |  Download/Listen   2:10:07


Unwelcome Guests

Susan Lindauer, CIA 9/11 Whistleblower—Mad, Bad or Dangerously Frank? — 04 Feb 2012 — (1) Ex-CIA analyst Susan Lindauer recounts her experiences in the months before and after September 11, 2001, offering a number of interesting facts that do not jibe with the official story of 9/11. ~~ (2) Ian Henshall tells of the increasing tensions between the FBI and CIA in the run up to 9/11, painting a picture of a CIA that was working hard to obstruct the FBI's pursuit of the conspirators.
REF PAGE:  Go to page
PART 1:  Download/Listen   59:30
PART 2:  Download/Listen   59:30

Freedomain Radio

The Story of Your Enslavement — 2010 — Is the current system of laws, propaganda, and economic structures really just a very sophisticated farming operation, where the productive efforts of we the "farm animals" can be maximized, with freedoms and benefits allowed only to the extent that they optimize profit for the farm managers?
Watch  |  Download/Listen   13:10


Science Friday, 10 Feb 2012
Audio Fidelity—CD vs. Vinyl vs. MP3
Download/Listen   25:01


Dickens—Timeless, and Increasingly Timely — 07 Feb 2012 — Charles Dickens was the most successful writer during the Victorian era, offering wonderful tales of fascinating characters, often highlighting the stark contrast in attitudes and quality of life between the rich and poor. Even during modern times, Dickens' novels are enjoyable reads. As we edge back towards economic feudalism, their relevance only increases.
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climate feedback loop video link; thumb of global warming slide
The two stereotypical sides of the climate debate are (a) climate change is a potential planet-killer and MUST be addressed; and (b) climate change is nothing to worry about, it's all part of a natural cycle. Guy McPherson reviews the scientific evidence that there is a third scenario: Climate change has already entered a runaway-feedback mode and there is now nothing humans can do to reverse the catastrophic level of warming that's coming—and coming soon. The good news? McPherson delivers his dark news clearly, with a great sense of humor, and with excellent insights into the human condition.  Watch climate feedback loop video(1:51:49)

MAV bug-bot drone
MAVs are bird- or insect-sized drones that can be weaponized to kill using vectors like injectable poisons. Watch the demonstration video and read why all US citizens should be concerned about development of these killer bug-bots.


funny industrial chicken farming video link; thumb of waitress and diners
In this funny video from Food and Water Watch, two patrons are super-excited about the waitress' explanations regarding the menu's factory-farmed chicken and how it was raised.  Watch funny industrial chicken farming video(1:47)

funny Monsanto video link; thumb of spokesman holding rotten apple
This funny bit from Happy Little Guillotine Studios makes mince meat out of Monsanto's maniacal drive to dominate the global food system with their GMO products, no matter what the cost.  Watch funny Monsanto video(2:33)


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funny cable news video link; thumb of pregnancy test stick with news ticker
This funny video from Saturday Night Live pokes fun at the incessant news blather created by the concept of 24-hour coverage and the overemphasis on breaking news.  Watch funny cable news video(2:13)

funny relationship video link; thumb of woman receiving gift ring
For men who "just aren't sure yet" comes a line of jewelry that promises to keep her waiting ... forever. This funny video from Amy Schumer satirizes the crazy-stupid way some men think about relationships ... and delay, delay, delay on commitment.  Watch funny relationship video(1:18)






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