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Media Matters with Bob McChesney

The Top Under-Reported Stories of the Last Year — 29 Jan 2012 — Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips of Project Censored review some of the Top 25 most un- and under-report stories of the last couple of years. They also explain why the mainstream media ignores or misreports all of world's most important stories.
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(GP comment:  Their list is a good one, though they somehow miss the continuing #1 story of the last century: Banksters Pillaging World via Control of National Monetary Systems.)


Supreme Court Rules Against Unauthorized Use of GPS Tracking Devices — 24 Jan 2012 — The US Supreme Court unanimously ruled that GPS tracking devices placed on vehicles by law enforcement during surveillance operations must be treated as a type of search, regulated under the 4th amendment and requiring a warrant. Shahid Buttar of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee says this is good, but the fine print in the decision leaves a lot of open questions about other privacy issues.
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One Radio Network

Ellen Brown:  62 Million Homes May Be Foreclosure-Proof — 02 Feb 2012 — Ellen Brown explains how the big banks' MERS/robo-signing fiasco relates to the shadow banking system. It's such a mess, that technically, 62 million homes could be foreclosure-proof. She points out that it's just the big banks that have run the con game—your locally owned banks are clean (and mortgages held there are perfectly serviceable). She further explains why public banking—that is, where the benefit of managing the money goes to the public, not to banksters—works well at the state level, and maybe even at the county level.
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Financial Sense NewsHour

Chasing Madoff—The Real Story Behind the Largest Ponzi Scheme in History — 02 Feb 2012 — Jeff Prosserman of the new documentary "Chasing Madoff" discusses the story of Harry Markopolos and his ten year struggle to expose the scam being run by Bernie Madoff. Finding himself ignored by SEC regulators and trapped in a web of deceit, the unassuming securities-analyst-turned-vigilante-investigator now feared for his life and the safety of his family.
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GP comment:  Fascinating interview. But the important thing to remember is that Madoff is only the tip of the corruption iceberg and was thrown under the bus to give the complaining rabble a fall-guy.

One Radio Network

Why Austrian Economic Theories Are Failing — 01 Feb 2012 — Andrew Gause's discussion topics include... how the banksters slowly squeeze profits out of the system; the tricky tactics of the banks in mortgage court; how Austrian economic theories are failing because the Fed is not playing by the rules of the market; "urban gold" and "full-bodied money"; what the collapsatarians are missing; and the Obama mortgage/foreclosure plan—a re-election special.
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Dan Carlin - Common Sense

Up Your Class — 01 Feb 2012 — Dan Carlin discusses the obvious hypocrisy of those who not only don't want to discuss the growing class divide in the US, but won't even admit the term "class" applies to the country. The first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one.
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Coast To Coast / KSFO

Oath Keepers vs. Unconstitutional Legislation — 28 Jan 2012 — Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers—a non-partisan association serving military, veterans, peace officers, and firefighters who fulfill the oath they swore to support and defend the Constitution—discusses the NDAA, other unconstitutional legislation, and the federal government "going fascist" on more and more Bill of Rights issues.
C2C show info page  |  Download/Listen   1:00:00

TUC Radio

Michael Parenti:  The Pathology of Wealth and the Myths of Capitalism — 17 Jan 2012 — Parenti offers a concise review of the myths of capitalism—for instance, that capitalism brings prosperity for all, which on a global scale is easily disprovable. He also offers insights into the psychopathy of "the 1% of the 1%"—those who really run things.
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Democracy Now, 30 Jan 2012
The Invisible War—New Film Exposes Rampant Rape and Sexual Assault in US Military
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Financial Sense News Hour, 20 Jan 2012
John Williams:  By 2014, No Way Out of Hyperinflation
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NPR, 30 Jan 2012
Freddie Mac Betting Against Struggling Homeowners
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Uprising, 27 Jan 2012
Domestic Surveillance and Militarism, Past and Present
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King World News

Gerald Celente:  We Must Throw the Money Changers Out of the Temple — 29 Jan 2012 — Celente discusses the continuing desperate monetary game being played by the Fed and the EU central bank, with the bottom-line result of stealing money from the public via loan arbitrage and inflation. He also talks about the NDAA in the context of the recent "urban military exercises" in LA and a coming bank holiday during which the US dollar will be devalued.
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Financial Sense NewsHour

The Folly of Elastic Money and the Coming Monetary Breakdown — 25 Jan 2012 — Detlev S. Schlichte discusses the history of fiat currencies, fractional reserve banking, and cyclical collapse of banks and national currencies. He talks about the breakdown of modern economic theory and the fallacy of mathematical models. He says the present crisis is the unavoidable result of continuously expanding fiat money, which could ultimately lead to a complete collapse of the monetary system.
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Democracy Now

Nader on Obama's State of the Union Address — 25 Jan 2012 — Responding to President Obama's State of the Union address, Ralph Nader aptly observes that Obama's criticism of income inequality and Wall Street excess are in contradiction with his record in office. Where's the action on that issue in the last three years? That Obama says one thing and does another should be evident to all by now. Nader also criticizes Obama's lauding of the lawless militarism of the US, especially in Iraq: "[Obama is] very committed to projecting the American empire, in Obama terms."
Watch  |  Download/Listen   14:01

Russia Today / The Keiser Report

Mike Ruppert:  Peak Oil Means the Current Debt Restructuring Schemes Will Fail — 26 Jan 2012 — Mike Ruppert and Max Keiser discuss the copyright war between Hollywood, the tech community, and civil libertarians; the NDAA as a prelude to worsening economic conditions and civil unrest; non-solutions on EU debt; and the geopolitical standoff over Iranian oil.
Watch  |  Download/Listen   12:51

Two Beers With Steve

Economics, War, and the Broken Window Fallacy — 21 Jan 2012 — Basing their conversation on Henry Hazlett's book Economics in One Lesson, Steve Patterson and Chris Stefanick explain the fallacy in the widely held belief that wealth can be created through destruction, in particular, that war stimulates economic prosperity.
Audio no longer available from host site.

Unwelcome Guests

Unspinning Our "Urban Nightmares" — 21 Jan 2012 — Steve Macek, author of Urban Nightmares, debunks some of the myths surrounding the lives and morals of inner-city slum dwellers—myths that have largely been fed by mainstream media coverage that is out of proportion with the facts. ~~ Then Gabor Mate, challenges traditional understandings of drug addiction. He explains that the primary factor is not the addictive quality or availability of drugs, it's the unhappy psychological factors in an individual's life that create the right conditions for addiction.
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Corbett Report

Bob Chapman:  Behavior By Political Elites — 23 Jan 2012 — Chapman discusses bad behavior by political elites and a public unaware of the approaching freight train of a new central bank. He explains why a US-Europe embargo on Iranian oil will prove unworkable. The only end game possible for TPTB is to keep building the financial house of cards until it begins to collapse, then they will have a war, as they always do. Meanwhile, the US political carnival whirls on.
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Press TV / On the Edge with Max Keiser

Gonzalo Lira:  It's Go Time — 20 Jan 2012 — In the US, Lira says we are seeing a transition from a democratic republic to a dictatorship, though the elites are maintaining the illusion of democracy—for now. It is one of the purest forms of fascism—the merger of corporate and state interests—that the world has ever seen. NDAA's indefinite-detention provision is the "ding-ding-ding" that should be alerting us all that it is "go time." He notes that under Pinochet's ruthless regime in Argentina—which he experienced firsthand—the people were not fooled by the propaganda. But in the US today, most people are fooled.
Watch  |  Download/Listen   23:21

Moyers & Co.

David Stockman:  The System Is Rigged — 20 Jan 2012 — David Stockman was Ronald Reagan's budget director, and then went to Wall Street and did what all creatures there do—made a pile of easy money. In this interview, he discusses the failings of rigged-market capitalism, especially in the financial sector.
Watch  |  Download/Listen   34:34

(GP comment:  Interesting how guys like Stockman are content to make a crapload of money inside the system and then, in their cozy retirement years, criticize the hell out of that same system. But even now, he does not discuss the real problem—that the big banks control the public monetary system.)

Media Matters with Bob McChesney

Josh Silver:  All Issues are Stalled Until We Getting Money Out of Politics — 22 Jan 2012 — A year ago, after the Supreme Court's "Citizen's United," Josh Silver realized his work on internet freedom would be stalled by the problem of big money influencing politicians. So he now pushes solutions that will take back our government. He points out that the silver lining of Citizens United is that it has awakened the general public to the problem of the corrupting influence of money in politics.
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(GP comment:  Campaign finance reform is an important issue, but THE issue is the bank-controlled money system. You won't solve the money-in-politics issue until you throw the moneychangers out of headquarters.)

On The Media

Facebook 'em, Danno — 03 Feb 2012 — Europe has long taken a harder line towards global internet companies who make privacy incursions against their users and Facebook is no exception. In the last few months, a couple of high-profile cases have seen European privacy fears realized. Do the experiences of European users tell us something about Facebook's prospective practices in the US.
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Get Used to Being Uncomfortable — 26 Jan 2012 — James Howard Kunstler and Duncan Crary discuss Americans' deepening despair over the country's economic, cultural, and religious decay. Given that the leaders of the feckless Democrat and Republican parties are incapable of truth-telling—and given that a majority of citizens seem incapable of truth-seeking—the majority should prepare for an era of uncomfortably sinking into the muck of decline.
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The Trust Horizon — 19 Jan 2012 — James Howard Kunstler discusses citizens' growing mistrust for the US government and other centralized operations, linking this concept to "The Trust Horizon," a phrase recently offered in The Automatic Earth blog. As the economy contracts, more people are forging their own trust networks at a very local level. Other topics include: local currencies, silver coinage, and bartering.
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New Culture

The Bodhisattva of Collapse — 26 Jan 2012 — KMO of the C-Realm Podcast gives a presentation to the VAL2011 audience, examining the choice that all collapse-aware individuals face: Try to wake up the unaware masses—many of whom clearly prefer to remain unaware—or leave the clueless to their fate and concentrate on interaction with the small percentage who "get it."
Watch  |  Download/Listen   16:51


Farmers Take Back Land Slated For Housing — 23 Jan 2012 — The housing bust left a number of planned developments unstarted. Some of that land is finding it's way back to farmers.
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(GP comment:  Contrary to what everyone in this story seems to think, the reclamation will be permanent—there will be no next housing bubble in the US.)

Sustainable World Radio

Growing Color—How To Create Beautiful Dyes From Plants — Rebecca Burgess shares her techniques for "growing and harvesting color" She talks about her favorite dye plants and the impact that chemical dyes have on the environment. Plants, minerals, and insects can yield brilliant, vibrant hues, and the natural dyes produce little waste, are nontoxic, and are easy to make at home.
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Democracy Now

The Politics of Fracking and Water Contamination — 02 Feb 2012 — As citizens in areas affected by natural gas fracking find more and more water contamination, both the president and a majority in congress seem intent on still more fracking. Interviewees here include Gasland filmmaker Josh Fox, who was handcuffed and arrested in early February as he attempted to film a congressional hearing on the controversial drilling technique, as well as Wyoming farmer John Fenton, who already has more than two dozen gas wells on his property.
Watch  |  Download/Listen   27:07

Democracy Now

The Atomic States of America — 24 Jan 2012 — Nuclear power has drawn wide political support, with both Republicans and Democrats advancing a pro-nuclear agenda even in the aftermath of last year's Fukushima. Sheena Joyce, co-director of the new documentary "The Atomic States of America," discusses the film and the local health issues that inspired it.
Watch  |  Download/Listen   27:12

Living On Earth

Hanford—The Godzilla of Environmental Cleanups — 03 Feb 2012 — The Hanford nuclear facility in Washington state is the largest, most complex, and most expensive environmental cleanup effort in the world. Reporter Peter Eisler discusses the project, which is being designed on-the-fly. BTW, it's also over-due, over-budget, and still quite dangerous.
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Radio EcoShock

Forever Planting — 01 Feb 2012 — (1) Wes Jackson explains "natural systems agriculture"—a more productive, efficient, and climate-friendly approach to farming. ~~ (2) Michael Raupach discusses carbon-to-soil solutions, including biochar.
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Upstart Car Service Butts Heads With D.C.'s Taxis — 31 Jan 2012 — A new service called Uber lets you request a car from a mobile phone and pay for it by credit card. It's available in several cities, including D.C. But the service is finding a roadblock to success—the D.C. cab commission.
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WNYC / The Leonard Lopate Show

The State of Fresh Water Around the Globe — 25 Jan 2012 — Upmanu Lall of the Columbia Water Center and Sandra Postel of the Global Water Policy Project discuss the state of fresh water around the globe. Topics include desalination, regional differences in freshwater availability, energy's relationship to water, and externalized costs of water use.
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Pythons Blamed For Everglade's Disappearing Animals — 31 Jan 2012 — The Florida Everglades are infested with Burmese pythons, which are not native to the area. Scientists have discovered the pythons are having a devastating impact on the populations of local wildlife.
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Living On Earth

New Transportation Bill—Trying to Sustain the Unsustainable — 03 Feb 2012 — The proposed US legislation would encourage private companies to build toll roads alongside federal highways, cut Amtrak subsidies and pay for infrastructure with money from new oil drilling. Past transportation bills have supported bicycling and walking infrastructure, but this one threatens both.
Part 1:  Go to page  |  Download/Listen   7:06
Part 2:  Go to page  |  Download/Listen   8:27

GP comment:  Apparently they did not get the memo—The Auto Age has peaked.

Orion Magazine

The Planet's Going Down—Are You Ready to Fight? — 19 Jan 2012 — We find ourselves in an outrageously beautiful and weird place where we can appreciate the conceptual beauty of the planet but seem incapable of acting in ways that preserve it. The vast majority of environmentalists are "market-based environmentalists," attempting to minimize their damage in a system that is utterly destructive and doomed to self-annihilation. That's not going to be good enough. Panelists include Paul Kingsnorth, Lierre Keith, and David Abram.
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One Radio Network

Dietrich Klinghardt, MD: The 5 Levels of Healing — 20 Jan 2012 — Internationally known for his successful treatment of chronic pain, illness, and sleep disorders, Dr. Klinghardt combines non-surgical orthopedic medicine with immunology, endocrinology, toxicology, neural therapy, hypnotherapy, and energy psychology. His approach to recognizes that good health is dependent on a well-functioning autonomic nervous system; a healthy mind that creates a balanced emotional state; and a supportive network of relationships.
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Science Friday, 20 Jan 2012
Mark Williams:  Be Here Now—Meditation For The Body And Brain
Download/Listen   21:43

Beyond 50

Naomi Call:  Fountain of Youth Exercises — 20 Jan 2012 — Naomi Call discusses the secrets of aging gracefully. She draws upon the wisdom of yoga, chi practitioners and indigenous people, melding mind-body practice with nutrition.
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Nutrition Diva

Nutrition Traps — 23 Jan 2012 — Monica Reinagel explores three of the top "nutrition traps": assuming "natural" and "organic" snacks are healthy; overeating whole grains; worrying too much about occasional binges and not enough about everyday behavior.
Part 1:  Go to page  |  Download/Listen   6:21
Part 2:  Go to page  |  Download/Listen   4:37
Part 3:  Go to page  |  Download/Listen   4:37

Coast To Coast / KSFO

Meet Monsanto's Michael Taylor, the Person Responsible for the Most Food-Related Deaths in History — 28 Jan 2012 — GMO guru Jeffrey Smith reviews the many ills of GMOs in our food supply (which he seems to be able to do repeatedly and yet add a fresh feel each time). Near the end of the conversation, he tells the story of Michael Taylor, the Mon-satan-o demon who has passed repeatedly through the corp-gov revolving door and had the most influence of anyone on the US's deadly GMO policy.
C2C show info page  |  Download/Listen   45:38


Food Chain Radio, 21 Jan 2012
Tom Mueller on the Slippery Business of "Extra Virgin" Olive Oil
More Food Chain Radio

KOPN Food Sleuth, 19 Jan 2012
John Turenne:  Bringing Sustainable Food to Colleges and Other Institutions
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Getting Past the Foam—The Role of Alcohol in Humans and in Nature — 01 Feb 2012 — Stephen Harrod Buhner discusses the historical role of alcohol in the human experience as well as its role in nature. The usual role of alcohol today is much different than its more ceremonial and healing role in traditional societies. And once your hear Buhner explain the alcohol-related chemistry of plants, you'll never think about that fruit tree outside your window the same way again.
Download/Listen   1:41:35

Coast To Coast / KSFO

Paul Von Ward: Reality Check on 2012 Predictions — 15 Jan 2012 — Von Ward offers a pragmatic analysis of concept that some cosmic shift in 2012 will magically fix everything. He suggests that we'll be better off believing in solutions that replace the current ruling architecture with one that acts in the interests of the masses, with deeds, not just words.
C2C show info page  |  Download/Listen   1:00:00

Note:  MP3 mirrors KSFO's full hour; meat typically runs from 10:00-29:00 and 38:00-58:00.

GP comment:  This is a good discussion, though there are those of us who understand the need for practical solutions but at the same time sense that something bigger is brewing.

Awakening To Conscious Co-Creation

Jim Self on the Shift in 2012 — 11 Jan 2012 — We've been hearing about "The Shift" for so long, it's hard to believe that it's finally here! But what precisely is shifting? What are we moving from? What are we moving toward? And, more importantly, what difference is it really going to make to your world? Jim Self discusses the shift and offers some powerful tools to navigate through these exciting yet challenging times.
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Direct-download link broken by host site


Fresh Air

No One Expects the Spanish Inquisition... (Not Anymore, At Least) — 23 Jan 2012 — Cullen Murphy traces the history of the inquisitions run by the Pope's enforcement team centuries ago, describing the types of tortures and punishments, how they were meted out from village to village, and how the world eventually got past this particularly dark chapter of religion and politics. He cautions, though, that today we find ourselves with many of the same circumstances that led to the rise of sanctioned torture.
Go to page  |  Download/Listen   43:40

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History Archive

Thor's Angels — 19 Jan 2012 — Dan Carlin tours us through the main streets and back alleys of "The Dark Ages"... with a bit of mythology and a few anachronistic wanderings thrown in for good measure.
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One Radio Network / The Real World of Money, 01 Feb 2012
Andrew Gause:  Banksters and the War of 1812
Go to page  |  Download/Listen   42:44


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The two stereotypical sides of the climate debate are (a) climate change is a potential planet-killer and MUST be addressed; and (b) climate change is nothing to worry about, it's all part of a natural cycle. Guy McPherson reviews the scientific evidence that there is a third scenario: Climate change has already entered a runaway-feedback mode and there is now nothing humans can do to reverse the catastrophic level of warming that's coming—and coming soon. The good news? McPherson delivers his dark news clearly, with a great sense of humor, and with excellent insights into the human condition.  Watch climate feedback loop video(1:51:49)

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